Tuesday, June 22, 2010

(Update) More Mermaid Synchronicity and Symbolism as Icon of BP Madness

Recently, I commented on The Secret Sun's excellent piece on the BP oil spill, and the image of the mermaid in that context. Mermaid Synchronicity, The Secret Sun, and the BP Oil Spill.
In my previous post, I commented about The Secret Sun's article on symbolic and synchronicistic connections surrounding the BP oil spill. Among the imagery is the mermaid:

Strangely enough, mermaids were featured on the episode of 20/20 that I briefly appear in, but the biggest story of the year- of the past several years- by far is most certainly water-based: the BP/Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. ~ (Secret Sun blog)
As I wrote in that post, there was more mermaid imagery to be found later in the day:
A co-worker had her two small daughters (about four and five years old) with her as we worked in the office. Her daughters had several pieces of paper lined up on the floor; great drawings! They were making a mural. A mermaid mural. Each piece of paper had a drawing of a mermaid on it, and the girls were cutting out the pictures and gluing them to a long sheet of paper for the mural.

More mermaids: same co-worker told me they have stayed, a few times over the years, at what they call the "mermaid house," an inn somewhere in California that has mermaids as the theme. They're planning on going down there again this summer.
A new mermaid as BP oil disaster image appeared today. Use of the mermaid entering our consciousnesses as symbol of all that's wrong with the BP oil spill; an esoteric icon that combines the all too real horrors of the BP oil spill, with the just on the edges of that reality surreal nature of this tragedy.

I like this image; it's from the WitchesBrewPress'sBlog by Michele Witchipoo.
Thank you to the artist, Michele Witchipoo, for giving me permission to post her artwork here.

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  1. Hey Regan - great post... I never really thought about mermaids in connection with the on-going oil gush disaster, which you know as well as I is getting uglier and scarier by the minute... I started a mermaid illustration a couple of years ago which was, unfortunately quite prophetic, but I was never happy with her tail. If i get the tail right, I'll send her to you. Meanwhile, here's a blog you might like (if you haven't already found it)- check out the "Girl with Pink Tentacles". http://cephalopodteaparty.blogspot.com/