Sunday, February 25, 2018

Arming Teachers: The Darker Agenda

The pro-gun herd has offered their solution to end school shootings: arming teachers. Several solid reasons why this is a horrible idea, but one that I haven't seen mentioned is the real reason behind arming teachers. And that is the changing of school culture overall.

Schools are about education. Learning. Thinking. Working towards goals. Friendships, mentors. Looking to adults as partners in a students future. Of course there is the flip side; being bullied, misunderstood, afraid, those adult educators and staff who have no business around children. And these points can be made about any profession or culture: the good and the bad. Obvious.

But the foundation is built on learning. Discovery. And an agreement that schools (despite the flip side of bullying, etc) are safe places with caring adults who are dedicated to encouraging young people to be excited about learning about things outside of themselves, as well as within.

I am fortuante to work in an elementary school where the staff is supremely dedicated, and this dedication extends to helping children in whatever way they need to be helped. Our school not only teaches academics, but social skills. Our school works with community groups to help clothe and feed those students and their families in need. Our school goes far beyond teaching kids how to do math, or read. There is trust. Love.

So now let's imagine a school where you know half the teachers are armed with guns. This is the new normal. And why are they armed? Why are teachers now fighting machines? Because it's a given that at any time, someone is going to attack your school. They're going to come in, armed, and open fire on your teachers, on staff, on whatever parents may be about, on your friends, and on you.

Each time you go out onto the playground, enter the school building, your subconscious is working overtime in the new knowledge that your English teacher is also armed and ready to open fire in order to 'protect' you.

This innate awareness of being inside a place where half the population is armed with weapons shifts the paradigm. Now we operate in a milieu of constant anxiety.

This is real reason behind the call to arm teachers. Oh for sure greed is the reason, but underneath that insidious greed is a darker agenda. That agenda is to keep us in perpetual fear and prepping us for a eat or be eaten existence. Thrown into this new culture is the mainstream idea of god. If it all gets to be too much pray. But only to the right god of course.


  1. "Arming teachers" does not need to be discussed! It but needs to be found disgusting!

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