Monday, November 16, 2015

Spying TVs

Coast to Coast has an item on smart TVs that spy on us. Not new news; this has been known for some time now. But a good reminder of what's out there, or rather, in there, as in, inside our homes:

Smart TVs Are Spying On Us? - Articles - Coast to Coast AM: Reportedly, a new breed of smart TV is actually spying on us!

One of the most popular brands can reportedly track everything you watch and then report them to advertisers, ProPublica reported.

For millions of viewers, the set's “Smart Interactivity” is preprogrammed as a default setting right from the factory.

This Smart Interactivity records a person’s view habits, including what they watched, the time and the channel they were tuned to and possibly what they recorded for later binge watching. (Coast to Coast)

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