Sunday, November 15, 2015

Off the Grid News: "This American City Jails Citizens For Having Garden Weeds (Yes, Really)"

If you are among the 3,000 or so people living in Pagedale, Missouri, you can be fined -- and jailed -- for such things as not having matched curtains, walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk (what side is the right side?) and so much more. Read on:

This American City Jails Citizens For Having Garden Weeds (Yes, Really) | Off The Grid News: Rather than protecting and serving the public, Pagedale sets a revenue goal and then uses its code enforcement powers to achieve it,” House said.
Some of the Institute’s specific allegations against Pagedale include:
Revenue from non-traffic fines makes up 17.68 percent of the city’s budget.
Pagedale actually set a goal for fine revenues in its 2014-2015 city budget: $353,000.
In 2013, Pagedale’s municipal court heard 5,781 cases. The city’s population is just 3,304. (Off the Grid News)

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