Sunday, September 13, 2015

Reading Is Against The Law

Those cute little boxes in people's yards, sharing books? Take a book, leave a book … read a book? Some cities think you need their approval -- paid approval what with fees for permits and fines and all -- in order to read:

Local Governments Crack Down On The Monstrous Evil of Tiny Free Lending Libraries: As The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf explains, local governments in Los Angeles, Shreveport, LA and Leawood, KS have all tried to levy fines and other sanctions against people who put up these tiny birdhouse-like lending libraries. These are just what they sound like: tiny boxes on stilts, where anybody can leave behind a book, or take one of the books that have been left behind by others. They bring pleasure and excitement, and a badly needed sense of civic participation and shared fun, to communities, and most of all, they encourage people to notice and read books. But they violate obscure zoning and other ordinances. (

Control and money, that's what it's about. Reminders that "they" are watching, and we need their authority to carry on. Another attempt to regulate and collect our money for their agendas.

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