Sunday, September 13, 2015

On-line Game: Flowerville and Veterans

I posted this on my Facebook page today, about a game I play on-line -- "Flowerville." Harmless, silly, and relaxing. But something I noticed that I find disturbing:

"I like to play games on FB, like Flowerville. Harmless, silly, you plant flowers, harvest, etc. No killing or violence. They have different characters that buy from you and award points. One of the characters is "Logan" -- a veteran. Older, gray haired, wears a vest over a tee shirt. Sometimes when he pops up the cartoon bubble says something like "I had too much to drink last night, got drunk, I'm hung over, I need a dozen roses to feel better." Then when you do the rose thing his hangover is gone. Another bubble says something like "I'm really angry, and feeling madder … " so you have to plant flowers so he doesn't go postal. This isn't funny and is in poor taste and very disrespectful to the issue of vets who are suffering and not getting what they need. I am no patriotic flag waving America first kind of person, but come on. Just seems inappropriate in an otherwise silly gentle game. Just what is the agenda here?"

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