Monday, August 31, 2015

Idaho: Drones, Begging Oregon

Idaho has now armed drones roaming the skies:

Five Reasons Armed Domestic Drones Are a Terrible Idea | American Civil Liberties Union: The Daily Beast has reported that North Dakota has enacted a drone bill that permits law enforcement drones to be equipped with weapons such as Tasers, rubber bullets, tear gas, and sound cannons. This is a terrible idea. (
"Terrible idea" -- understatement.

Pot, medical and recreational, is legal in Oregon. This law hasn't stopped many an Oregon county and town in banning legal pot sales. They note that since pot is still illegal on the federal level, these good Oregon citizens don't want to break the law. No doubt these are the same people who blithely ignore federal gun laws and federal gay rights laws. On the Oregon/Idaho border, Idaho has begged Oregon towns to ban pot sales so that illegal pot activity doesn't enter Idaho. Eastern Oregon has agreed.

Back to the police state: eastern Oregon was the site of a "surprise" active shooter drill in the Pine Eagle School district, which scared the bejesus out of teacher Linda McLean. Who is suing. Good for her.

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