Thursday, June 11, 2015

School Lockdown; Armed SWAT Dude

Right here in Eugene, two school lock downs and one "modified" school lock down. The reason: armed man in complete camo seen walking near the schools. Turns out he was a SWAT team member on break from exercises. Supervisor gave him the okay to walk into the YMCA (which is across the street from the high school and a couple blocks down from the middle school) to visit his son.

Police were called, lock downs for 45 minutes, all turned out okay. SWAT team guy "felt terrible" about the misunderstanding.

I'm not so sure. I'm not so paranoid (well, maybe I am) that I think this was intentional, since the man in question visited his son at the Y often and staff recognized him. I certainly question the thinking, or, lack of, behind this whole scene. Didn't it occur to anyone involved: supervisor, SWAT team guy himself, etc. that walking around right in front of schools in full camo and visibly armed might set off some alarms?????!!!! Scary to think the lack of thinking was so entrenched.

From KTVZ news site this interesting quote: "Though it was a false alarm, Hankemeier says officers could tell that school staff greatly benefited from a recent active-shooter training program with Eugene police."

Article in Eugene's Register Guard newspaper does mention the "militarization of police" --- on second thought maybe this was intentional. Possible armed camo dad wasn't aware of his part in this little scene but someone knew the intent was to observe the reactions of the community.

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