Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It Can't Happen Here: "Teacher Sues Oregon School District for Traumatic Active-Shooter Drill"

In 2014 I posted an item about a shooter drill in a small Oregon school.  Staff was not informed beforehand. Today, the following item appeared concerning one of the teachers present during the drill. She was, understandably, very upset by the incident and is now suing the school district, as well as the "shooter":
Teacher Sues Oregon School District for Traumatic Active-Shooter Drill - NBC When a goggle-wearing gunman burst into her classroom two years ago, teacher Linda McLean wondered if she was going to die.

She remembered her grandchildren and the one on the way.

That's when she noticed a pistol on the floor outside her classroom and wondered if she should pick it up and go after the man in black who had just pointed a gun in her face, pulled the trigger and told her she was dead.

But she wasn't dead. She wasn't even bleeding. And a short time later, McLean, 56, and other teachers were gathered in the library of their Oregon elementary school, being debriefed on how they reacted.
These "drills" are becoming more prevalent. Presented to school staff under the guise of safety and awareness -- thereby making well meaning and good people naive dupes -- these programs are increasing, and the surprise element of these drills is meant to be accepted as a good and necessary thing rather than the chilling signal it is of our looming militarized government.

I've often raised the question of armed staff; those who carry a concealed weapons permit. What if an armed school employee shot one of these faux shooters?  Well, so far, the authorities have that possibility covered. The following is from the Eugene Register Guard, on this same incident:
Members of the district’s Safety Committee notified Baker County authorities in advance so they wouldn’t respond to a call from the school, and the sheriff’s office reviewed concealed-carry permits to ensure that no teachers would fire back at Thatcher and school board member John Minarich, the second man with weapon and similar attire. (Register Guard 4.22.15)
So, the concealed weapons angle might be covered for now, but what of the school employee with medical issues? Someone on medication, who has a heart condition, anxiety issues, physical issues? What if someone successfully attacks the shooter with some object (sharp item, furniture, etc) and the shooter is hurt?

Plans have been in the works for some time concerning these drills, as I posted here back in 2011.  It's big business,for one thing. Presenters, "experts" in shooting, safety, etc., slide shows, handouts, pamphlets, books, training exercises, workshops, -- to keep us afraid, to make us fear government/police. More to the point, to make us not even know we're afraid of them, but to comply. All this under the misguided (though well intentioned) belief we're doing our best to protect ourselves, our students, our schools, our communities.

So the question might be asked, why? Why do all of this? As answered, money, for one. Big business, this fake/staged shooter stuff. But it goes deeper than that. Also answered: fear. That low level barley detected rumble of anxiety that is injected into us on a daily basis. Fear so deep it becomes second nature and we begin to think it's normal and, as I remarked earlier, necessary. But again, probing deeper, why? What's in it for "them?" Who is, or more correctly, who are, "they?"

"They" are the ones who need to maintain control in order to protect themselves, their greed and their profits. Control the citizens -- and make them like it, unquestioningly, respect and revere it even -- and you've successfully created the walls of protection (and secrecy) around your empires.

Add in healthy doses of self-righteousness among the majority of the hoi polloi by marginalizing and demonizing those who question such tactics, and your protection is ensured. Indeed, Linda McLean is being harassed in her small community for daring to have such a reaction. Very scary, all around.

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