Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I don't have a problem with any person's religion; I have a problem with a person's religion making problems for me!

I'm going to be 66... My experience has been that proselytizing religions are toxic mechanisms officiated and otherwise populated by too many—tolerated—hypocrites and psychopaths.

The only thing making any sense to me at all has been secular humanism because, existentially, it's never "God" providing for the clear benefits of community... ...in any monotheism... be it patriarch Judaism, its male progeny Christianity, or grandson Islam. It is the individual human—individually—buying in to that community making such so. 

Compassion, support, and appreciation tendered needy individuals clearly providing for good quality of life, in the aggregate, is the product of individual human beings finally. God is not (has never been) necessary in this process and and has only ever been shown, in my view, that it is to be avoided. 

Good deeds, paid forward, in efficacious behaviors of good humanism trumps the monied organisation of Gods produced in man's image to do his bidding.  Ever derided Paganism has, and has ever had, the more positive affect.

"Paranoia runs deep ... " not that there's anything unjustified about that. Look OUT not UP!

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