Saturday, October 4, 2014

Parents against drug tests seek ‘opt-out’ clause | News | The Register-Guard | Eugene, Oregon

The South Lane school district (Cottage Grove area, Oregon) just a twenty minute drive down I-5 from here, has begun drug testing its students, as reported by the Register Guard:  Parents against drug tests seek ‘opt-out’ clause.

Plenty of parents and students upset, with good reason. The community as a whole, regardless of parenthood status, should be upset. The obvious issues of drug testing in general and the miserably failed "war on drugs" aside, other aspects of this action by the South Lane school board should have us all concerned.

The school board won't reveal the name of the donor or donors who contributed "at least" a thousand dollars to pay for the testing.

One can't help but make the connection between this abrupt decision and the possibility marijuana will become legal in Oregon. (Since Colorado and Washington have legalized pot, there have been steady trickles of anti-marijuana articles in the MSM.)

Other factors, according to the article: parents want to see the documents; school board says it will do so but it will "cost more than $500.00."

Parents did not have a voice in the decision, it was simply enacted.

I found the following very telling:

Failing one drug test will result in a several-game suspension. Students who fail one test are also required to be assessed by a local rehabilitation organization. Failing a test two times will result in a year-long suspension from the team, but students can have the consequences reduced if they go through a treatment program, which parents contend would be costly. (italics mine.) (Register Guard)
Does the unnamed donor have a connection to the "local rehabilitation organization?"

Superintendent Krista Parent says, of students who want to opt out:

Superintendent Parent said the the school board would have to vote on a possible opt-out, but warned that such an option could defeat the policy’s purpose, which is to help students say “no” to drugs. The students who choose to opt out may be the ones who abuse drugs. (Register Guard)
 Scary to think an educator doesn't consider that a student could be against such policies based on principle, rather than assume the individual is guilty of drug use.

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