Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Just in Case: Taxing Pot

Moral objections to smoking reefer out the window; it all gets down to money. Oregon might be the next state, hopefully, to legalize weed. And the authorities are getting ready to rake in the take if that happens. We haven't voted on it yet, and so of course no telling if grass will be legal in Oregon or not. Polls suggest that it might become the reality. Anyway, if pot does become legal in Oregon, Lane County, Springfield and Eugene will be ready. They've all been meeting to put into place legislation taxing reefer.

County working on marijuana tax | News | The Register-Guard | Eugene, Oregon: The Lane County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday directed county attorneys to draft an ordinance that would impose a countywide tax on both recreational and medical marijuana sales, should voters back legalization in November.

Lane County follows Eugene and Springfield, among other Oregon local governments, in considering marijuana taxes with the vote on Measure 91 on the immediate horizon. (Register Guard)

Taxing point in general is expected. Booze, cigarettes, gas, you name it, are taxed. But medical marijuana is part of the tax plan, which is curious. Are other medicines taxed? Are my blood pressure meds taxed? (Oregon does not have a sales tax by the way.) So why put a tax on medical marijuana?

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