Friday, October 24, 2014

Ebola Dots

Connecting the dots in the Ebola event.

Graph: "Africa's Killers" shows Ebola being the least of worries.

Graph source: Redditt

Where did this all start in the U.S.? Texas. Keep that in mind.

Last night, listening to Coast to Coast, the news comes on. But instead of a round up of several items, from world to sports to celebrity, all that was said was "Alert! Ebola in New York City." And then the story of Dr. Craig Spencer, a doctor with Doctors Without Borders, returns to NYC from Guinea with fever and diarrhea and is now at Bellevue in a "designated Ebola center." The news then assures us all is good, not to worry, there is no danger, and Ebola can only be contracted via contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. News alert ends with another "This was a Fox News alert."

Paul Allen, billionaire and Microsoft co-founder, has pledged $100 million in the fight against Ebola. Some of the money going to the CDC, some to UNICEF, the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg also gave money to the CDC -- $25 million. (Source, Maria La Ganfa, Los Angeles Times)

The New York Times reported on an Ebola vaccine. According to the article by Denise Grady (by line, Galveston, Texas), a vaccine was developed several years ago. Well received by peers and supposedly to be on the shelves in 2010. For some reason, the vaccine just "sat on a shelf." Grady reports that reasons for the stall included the fact Ebola "was rare" and that drug companies "…resisted spending the enormous sums needed to develop products useful mostly to poor countries with little ability to pay for them.' Oh if that doesn't say just about everything right there! (Lack of market shelved promising Ebola drug, October 24, 2014)

Now that the virus has invaded the comfort zones of the rest of us, it's serious business, and so a "flurry of research" is happening right now.

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