Sunday, October 5, 2014

Deport The President... ...Really?

That's the thing about insanity, it is as tireless as it is boundless. It has no rules, no memory and no shame. It has the frenetic energy to wear you down.  The only _allowable_ weapon against this implacable evil is the vote in November.  A vote in NOVEMBER is a VOTE for President Obama!  ...His last two years.  Let's see some actual production for a change like Barry's first two years (ACA?)  before the Republicans were able to cheat and gerrymander their way to unblinking obstructionism once again in 2010!  VOTE in November or _repeat_ 2010!

Deport the President as an illegal alien?

"Paranoia runs deep ... " not that there's anything unjustified about that. Look OUT not UP!

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