Wednesday, October 29, 2014

...Self-loathing Black People... #8

Mychal Massie 
...smoothly and unblinkingly argues that slavery was preferable to current conditions for black people ...
"Instead of taking a moment to think about whether racist attitudes might have actually caused the societal ills he [lists], Massie claims that black people now have a 'disdain for modernity' because of liberal policies. "
Massie continues:
“But don’t tell blacks that, because the majority are too blind, dumb and ignorant to understand this. There was a time blacks embraced being Americans and the virtues of same; but that mindset has ultimately taken a backseat to the shrill invidious voices of those who preach the vitriolic heterodoxies of Marxism.” 
I would propose our Mr Massey has never seen Django Unchained!  No, any black man who speaks like this is on a "paleface payroll."

"Paranoia runs deep ... " not that there's anything unjustified about that. Look OUT not UP!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Law Will Allow Employers to Fire Women for Using Whore Pills, one of my favorite blogs, reports on Arizona's HB2625, which would give employers the right to fire female employees for being on the pill -- unless said female is on the pill for "non-sexual" reasons. Scarier still, is that the bill was created by a woman: Republican Debbie Lesko.

Law Will Allow Employers to Fire Women for Using Whore Pills: Yesterday, a Senate Judiciary Committee endorsed Republican Debbie Lesko's HB2625 by a vote of 6-2, which would allow an employer to request proof that a woman using insurance to buy birth control was being prescribed the birth control for reasons other than not wanting to get pregnant. It's all about freedom, she said, echoing everyone who thinks there's nothing ironic about claiming that a country that's "free" allows people's bosses to dictate what medical care is available to them through insurance. First amendment. The constitution. Rights of religious people to practice the treasured tenets of their faiths, the tenets that dictate that religious people get to tell everyone who is not of faith how they're supposed to live, and the freedom to have that faith enforced by law. Freedom.

Further, Lesko states, with a straight face, that this bill is necessary because "we live in America; we don't live in the Soviet Union." (
I agree with Jezebel that this won't pass, but as points out, that doesn't make it any less depressing. That such a thing was thought of in the first place, by a woman, and even got to the point where it is now, is enough.

"Paranoia runs deep . . . " not that there's anything wrong with that.Wake UP!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Clowns in France and Mothy Territory, Ebola Capers

Evil clowns in France, attacking citizens and causing havoc:
France - Panic as clown terror spreads to southern France - France 24: In the Mediterranean city of Montpellier a man disguised as a clown was arrested after beating up a pedestrian with an iron bar, while three motorists in different towns complained about "scary clowns" threatening them.

evil clowns attacking French citizens source here

Really does seem like another planned event of chaos unleashed onto the world. Crazy, random, unconnected to any other thing, and yet, so surreal one wonders at things like synchronicity, and predictive programming, and all manner of conspiracy.

Speaking of synchronicity, Mothman author Andy Colvin (Mothman Speaks, etc.) posted a link on his FB page about a clown enclave in Mothy territory.

Of course there's the evil serial killer clown in this season's American Horror: Freak Show. The freaks in Freak Show are misunderstood and for the most good -- in their way. The real evil lurks in the bigotry of the Pleasantville type citizens and local cops. We don't know yet if the evil clown in Freak Show is a stand alone figure, a true outsider of the most horrifying kind with no connection to the carny folk, or if he's an escapee, or what.

Evil clown, American Horror: Freak Show

Ebola panic has gripped the world, or at least the U.S. and the MSM would like us to believe it's world wide panic. States are arguing with states over quarantine protocols, conspiracy theories as to the New York doctor who, we're told, has ebola and is now in quarantine. Theories include: he's not really who "they" are saying he is, it's not the real Dr. Craig Spencer.  Whatever all that is about, one question: what was Dr.Spencer doing running around New York -- one stop included a bowling alley --  just after he came back from treating patients with ebola?! He was showing symptoms, and, if he didn't think for whatever misguided, paranoid reason, he wasn't infected with ebola, you'd think he'd settle down a bit and find out what's what. Something is off about this story.

Ubiquitous ebola virus image

Nurses are lauded as heroes, and as trouble makers. And as sexy nurses. I don't know if this is legitimate or not, but here's a Halloween costume that's a twist on the usual sexy nurse costume:

Bad taste Halloween costume. On the other hand, that's what Halloween is, in part, dressing up as things we fear.

Odds Are, You Are Suspicious | American Civil Liberties Union

Odds Are, You Are Suspicious | American Civil Liberties Union: According to the Guidelines for Amtrak Customer Service Employees in Texas, which the ACLU has received as a result of a FOIA request, ticket agents may come in contact with travelers whose conduct is "indicative of criminal activity." Amtrak says supposed indicators of such activity should immediately be reported to trained law enforcement personnel. (source: ACLU.)

One thing they list as suspicious behavior: looking around while talking on the phone. I always do that, I like to look (what, I'm supposed to stare into my hand?) and nothing wrong with being aware of your surroundings in general. Some of us have active imaginative minds, hard to quell the old creative process inside your head, especially when out in public. Which brings me to another one of their suspicious behaviors that surely indicate nothing but trouble: whether or not you get off the train ahead of everyone else, or, after. In other words, go with the flow. I always leave last, or sometimes first if I can. One reason is due to anxiety and claustophia; why get mushed in a crowd, when I can wait a moment, gather my things in peace, and not get swept along with the rush? Taking pics of trains and what have you is another suspicious activity. The idea anyone would want to take photos of where they've been as touristy keepsakes and a journal of where they've been, let alone any artistic reason for taking photos, escapes such Kafka like bureaucrats. And paying cash? Forget about it; that definitely means you're a psychotic sociopathic terrorist bent on mayhem. 

Clearly the message is: don't panic, don't think, don't wonder, don't take care of yourself. Just blend in quietly, follow along, shut up and keep quiet and keep moving.

All this post 9/11 lie of keeping us safe from terrorists has now become so deeply set into our daily lives it's not questioned much. For when it is questioned that only means you're trouble.

There are even more insidious reasons behind these guises of protecting citizens from harm. As the article points out, racial profiling and civil asset forfeiture among them:

We have reason to believe that Amtrak's policies also provide grounds for civil asset forfeiture, a process that effectively allows cops to engage in highway robbery, and often results in racial profiling. The documents we received include agreements between Amtrak and the Las Vegas Police Department, Reno Police Department, and Louisiana state police. The agreements not only officially enable a practice of confiscating money and property from passengers without due process, but also mandate "[e]quitable sharing of forfeited assets;" in other words, state agencies get a cut of assets seized by Amtrak police. Reports of asset forfeiture indicate that the police target those they associate with criminal behavior and drug trafficking – black and Latino men. (ACLU)
So think hard about traveling with a lot of cash. I'd suggest hiding it well but no doubt that won't stop them from finding it. Cash sniffing dogs are not so outside the fascist reality.

...Self-loathing Black People... #7

Ben Carson

Worse than being an authoritarian swine embracing a pompous plutocracy while ignoring history and betraying people who made your success remotely possible, is having no sense of irony whatsoever. 

"Paranoia runs deep ... " not that there's anything unjustified about that. Look OUT not UP!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Hidden "Beacons" Were Also Installed In L.A. And Chicago

Hidden "Beacons" Were Also Installed In L.A. And Chicago: Devices identical to those secretly planted in New York City phone booths have been installed in public spaces in Los Angeles and Chicago, BuzzFeed News has learned.
The Bluetooth devices known as “beacons” were installed in bus benches in Los Angeles and train stations in Chicago. Additional information obtained suggests that the devices were also installed in San Francisco, though BuzzFeed News was unable to independently confirm that allegation.

The beacons are manufactured by Gimbal Inc., the San Diego company that made the 500 beacons that were removed from New York City phone booths earlier this month, after a BuzzFeed News investigation revealed their existence.
Taken together, the programs reveal a broad initiative by Gimbal to quietly partner with outdoor advertising companies in major American cities. And they clarify the extent to which technology companies, cities, and brands have begun experimenting with new forms of commercial persuasion, with scant public notice.

Ebola Dots

Connecting the dots in the Ebola event.

Graph: "Africa's Killers" shows Ebola being the least of worries.

Graph source: Redditt

Where did this all start in the U.S.? Texas. Keep that in mind.

Last night, listening to Coast to Coast, the news comes on. But instead of a round up of several items, from world to sports to celebrity, all that was said was "Alert! Ebola in New York City." And then the story of Dr. Craig Spencer, a doctor with Doctors Without Borders, returns to NYC from Guinea with fever and diarrhea and is now at Bellevue in a "designated Ebola center." The news then assures us all is good, not to worry, there is no danger, and Ebola can only be contracted via contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. News alert ends with another "This was a Fox News alert."

Paul Allen, billionaire and Microsoft co-founder, has pledged $100 million in the fight against Ebola. Some of the money going to the CDC, some to UNICEF, the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg also gave money to the CDC -- $25 million. (Source, Maria La Ganfa, Los Angeles Times)

The New York Times reported on an Ebola vaccine. According to the article by Denise Grady (by line, Galveston, Texas), a vaccine was developed several years ago. Well received by peers and supposedly to be on the shelves in 2010. For some reason, the vaccine just "sat on a shelf." Grady reports that reasons for the stall included the fact Ebola "was rare" and that drug companies "…resisted spending the enormous sums needed to develop products useful mostly to poor countries with little ability to pay for them.' Oh if that doesn't say just about everything right there! (Lack of market shelved promising Ebola drug, October 24, 2014)

Now that the virus has invaded the comfort zones of the rest of us, it's serious business, and so a "flurry of research" is happening right now.

...Self-loathing Black People... #6...

Condi Rice

What a butt-headed bastardization and bowdlerized bucket of
ebullient bullshite... step off Condi! Aggrievement is abundantly justified in needlessly cruel psychopathic plutocracies, and Federal entitlement returning something paid back on a life's investment is required when it will come in no other way! No. Other. Way!

"Paranoia runs deep ... " not that there's anything unjustified about that. Look OUT not UP!

...Self-loathing Black People... #5...

Jesse Lee Peterson

What is it about Xianity that corrodes institutional, National, and personal memory, then turns a dismissed, derided, degraded, brutalized, excluded, cheated, abused, betrayed, and discriminated-against class of people... into the fawning lapdogs of a dwindling white majority?

"Paranoia runs deep ... " not that there's anything unjustified about that. Look OUT not UP!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Renting Sidewalks? |

Alley Valkyrie, writer, artist and activist, wrote an article for Eugene's Eugene Weekly on this city's "sidewalk commerce" law, which allows businesses to rent the public sidewalks in front of their businesses to conduct business (sell wares, etc.) However, as Valkyrie points out, this is not being done. Instead, the law allows businesses to hassle the homeless and other so-called undesirables; in effect, business owners are now working as cops:

Renting Sidewalks? | These businesses all have sandwich boards outside so that they can claim that they are using the space, but they are not using the space for its intended purpose of vending, and the employees of these businesses often tell people who are not customers to move off the sidewalk and then call the police if they do not comply with the order. Last month, a man who was conducting a poetry reading on the public sidewalk outside Sizzle Pie was arrested and charged with criminal trespass when he did not comply with orders to move from the spot. Businesses like Sizzle Pie, encouraged by the city and in conjunction with police, are misusing the law in order to displace the poor and homeless from downtown Eugene. (Alley Valkyrie, Eugene Weekly.)
Valkyrie gives good advice on how to fight this, including letting the businesses know you do not accept this misuse of the law.

Spam Hacking Comment

If you find a comment on your blog using the name of John Ambrose and "welcoming" you to the Illuminati -- all its riches, secrets and powers, you know, the usual stuff -- do not click on it, do not put it through, do not click and follow the link. It will screw up your blogs, log-in info and email.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blog tag

"Paranoia runs deep . . . " not that there's anything wrong with that. Wake UP!

I notice Octopus Confessional contributor Alfred Lehmberg has played with the above: ""Paranoia runs deep ... " not that there's anything unjustified about that. Look OUT not UP!" Heh. Very good Mr. L.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

...Self-loathing Black People... #4...

Tavis Smiley: 

A black sheriff of Nottingham in the employ of pretending princes and max-zoom fundies, has no sense of economics, no sense of irony, no sense of fairness and no sense of history.  Additionally he fails to understand that there is no "living" where one cannot live on a prevailing wage and access to WIC, SNAP, and food-stamps are restricted.

"Paranoia runs deep ... " not that there's anything unjustified about that. Look OUT not UP!

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Text is small, zoom in for easier reading. Thanks to Karyn Dolan on FB for the image.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

...Self-loathing Black People... #3

Kamau Bakari

Shown here in cowboy pinwheel and oreo double stuff... ...with his new BFF, a tax cheat and unblinking traitor, a racist and fulsome bigot, a hypocrite and psychopathic scofflaw, and a man willing to put his own interests ahead of a just society, fair taxes, a level playing field, and justice for all.  Seriously, Bakari could likely sign-up with the Klan if he can hang out with this guy!  No sense of history, cut and print, ...waiter, Check!

"Paranoia runs deep ... " not that there's anything unjustified about that. Look OUT not UP!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Connecticut declared in state of 'public health emergency,' prepares for quarantine | Police State USA

Connecticut goverrnor Dannel Malloy declared the state in quarantine October 8th:

Connecticut declared in state of 'public health emergency,' prepares for quarantine | Police State USA: The governor’s October 7th declaration read as follows:

“In response to the epidemic of the Ebola virus currently affecting multiple countries in western Africa, and in order to provide the Commissioner of Public Health and other appropriate officials with all authorities necessary to prevent any potential transmission of the Ebola virus within the State of Connecticut, I hereby declare a public health emergency for the State, pursuant to the Connecticut General Statutes Section 19a-131a, for the duration of the epidemic. Specifically, in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Section 19a-131b, I authorize the Commissioner of Public Health to Order the isolation or quarantine, under conditions prescribed by the Commissioner of Public Health, of any individual or group of individuals whom the Commissioner reasonably believes to have been exposed to, infected with, or otherwise at risk of passing the Ebola virus.”
– Governor Dannel P. Malloy, October 7, 2014
Note the vague time line in the following: "…I hereby declare a public health emergency for the State . . . for the duration of the epidemic."  Also, gives the Public Health Commissioner authority to quarantine anyone believed to have been "…exposed to, infected with, or otherwise at risk of passing the Ebola virus."

Troubling but it gets worse -- much worse. The Commissioner has the power to order "mass vaccinations." If a citizen were to refuse:

Section 19a-131d states that any individual who refuses to comply with any portion of the order may be punished with with fines and imprisonment for up to one (1) year.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

...Self-Loathing Black People... #2

Eric Rush

Self-Loathing Black People... #2  "Erik Rush Asks: Is Obama Trying 'To Facilitate An Ebola Outbreak In The United States?"

Wait... what?

This may not be what happens when you huff too many helium balloons, but it sure happens when you drink the kool-aid, eh? Your insides are bleached fish-belly white and you lose all sense of history...


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Deport The President... ...Really?

That's the thing about insanity, it is as tireless as it is boundless. It has no rules, no memory and no shame. It has the frenetic energy to wear you down.  The only _allowable_ weapon against this implacable evil is the vote in November.  A vote in NOVEMBER is a VOTE for President Obama!  ...His last two years.  Let's see some actual production for a change like Barry's first two years (ACA?)  before the Republicans were able to cheat and gerrymander their way to unblinking obstructionism once again in 2010!  VOTE in November or _repeat_ 2010!

Deport the President as an illegal alien?

"Paranoia runs deep ... " not that there's anything unjustified about that. Look OUT not UP!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Parents against drug tests seek ‘opt-out’ clause | News | The Register-Guard | Eugene, Oregon

The South Lane school district (Cottage Grove area, Oregon) just a twenty minute drive down I-5 from here, has begun drug testing its students, as reported by the Register Guard:  Parents against drug tests seek ‘opt-out’ clause.

Plenty of parents and students upset, with good reason. The community as a whole, regardless of parenthood status, should be upset. The obvious issues of drug testing in general and the miserably failed "war on drugs" aside, other aspects of this action by the South Lane school board should have us all concerned.

The school board won't reveal the name of the donor or donors who contributed "at least" a thousand dollars to pay for the testing.

One can't help but make the connection between this abrupt decision and the possibility marijuana will become legal in Oregon. (Since Colorado and Washington have legalized pot, there have been steady trickles of anti-marijuana articles in the MSM.)

Other factors, according to the article: parents want to see the documents; school board says it will do so but it will "cost more than $500.00."

Parents did not have a voice in the decision, it was simply enacted.

I found the following very telling:

Failing one drug test will result in a several-game suspension. Students who fail one test are also required to be assessed by a local rehabilitation organization. Failing a test two times will result in a year-long suspension from the team, but students can have the consequences reduced if they go through a treatment program, which parents contend would be costly. (italics mine.) (Register Guard)
Does the unnamed donor have a connection to the "local rehabilitation organization?"

Superintendent Krista Parent says, of students who want to opt out:

Superintendent Parent said the the school board would have to vote on a possible opt-out, but warned that such an option could defeat the policy’s purpose, which is to help students say “no” to drugs. The students who choose to opt out may be the ones who abuse drugs. (Register Guard)
 Scary to think an educator doesn't consider that a student could be against such policies based on principle, rather than assume the individual is guilty of drug use.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Why Judging People for Buying Unhealthy Food Is Classist — Everyday Feminism

Judging the poor is a classist act, (and often times sexist) and here's why. One quote from the article:

Why Judging People for Buying Unhealthy Food Is Classist — Everyday Feminism: Brooke McLay wrote about taking a homeless woman shopping and the food choices she made. The woman, Tori*, a mom of two young girls, explained “I’m in Crisis Housing, so no lock or key for our stuff. Everything we own is in the wagon; it has to go everywhere with us or it gets stolen.” (Everyday Feminism)
Other factors the article points out: difficulty in getting to the store in the first place (walking, buses, etc.)

Easy for us to judge, shake our heads and sigh, and be holier than thou. I admit, I've been that way myself at times. But let's calm down and knock it off and try to understand.

Just in Case: Taxing Pot

Moral objections to smoking reefer out the window; it all gets down to money. Oregon might be the next state, hopefully, to legalize weed. And the authorities are getting ready to rake in the take if that happens. We haven't voted on it yet, and so of course no telling if grass will be legal in Oregon or not. Polls suggest that it might become the reality. Anyway, if pot does become legal in Oregon, Lane County, Springfield and Eugene will be ready. They've all been meeting to put into place legislation taxing reefer.

County working on marijuana tax | News | The Register-Guard | Eugene, Oregon: The Lane County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday directed county attorneys to draft an ordinance that would impose a countywide tax on both recreational and medical marijuana sales, should voters back legalization in November.

Lane County follows Eugene and Springfield, among other Oregon local governments, in considering marijuana taxes with the vote on Measure 91 on the immediate horizon. (Register Guard)

Taxing point in general is expected. Booze, cigarettes, gas, you name it, are taxed. But medical marijuana is part of the tax plan, which is curious. Are other medicines taxed? Are my blood pressure meds taxed? (Oregon does not have a sales tax by the way.) So why put a tax on medical marijuana?