Sunday, February 16, 2014

Register Guard: State hands education to private sector

     In today's Eugene-Springfield area newspaper, The Register Guard, this opinion piece by Roscoe Caron "retired middle school teacher . . . teaches in the University of Oregon College of Education."

State hands education to private sector | Opinion | The Register-Guard | Eugene, Oregon: To begin with, almost all of Oregon’s big business players, from Bank of America to Weyerhaeuser, are members of the Oregon Business Council. Those corporations also fund the council’s Employers for Education Excellence organization, which since 2008 has been pushing a redesign of Oregon schools with “outcome based budgeting” as its foundation.
     As is happening with schools everywhere in the U.S., private industry is taking over education, just as the lines between government (including and of course, all about, the office of the president) and corporations is nonexistent.

     The article points out no teachers are involved in the creation of these state mandates, nor do they sit on these boards that design such laws. Scary what one commentator left at the paper's page said; that teachers are not included because they have their own agendas. With thinking like that, it's not surprising at all they are getting away with ripping apart education and putting it back together in mad Dr. Frankenstein ways.

     Among the educational reforms and mandates, such as "common core" curriculum and so on, is the endless data collecting built into the testing, curriculum and computer programs ostensibly presented to make educator's, and administrators, lives easier.

    The definition of fascism, while open to debate about nuances and particulars, is the implantation from the government of authoritarian actions, in partnership with corporations. (Is it a coincidence that the Pledge of Allegiance is now required, by law, to be said by staff and students in every Oregon school once a week?)


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