Sunday, February 23, 2014

Court Rules Off-The-Grid Living Is Illegal | Off The Grid News

Sad, scary, and frustrating, but not at all surprising. Wonder if this will be appealed and considered unconstitutional? Hope so.

Court Rules Off-The-Grid Living Is Illegal | Off The Grid News: Living off the grid is illegal in Cape Coral, Florida, according to a court ruling Thursday.

Special Magistrate Harold S. Eskin ruled that the city’s codes allow Robin Speronis to live without utility power but she is still required to hook her home to the city’s water system. Her alternative source of power must be approved by the city, Eskin said.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Scientists mystified as 20 earthquakes hit Oklahoma in one day | Mail Online

"…or even a natural occurrence." Possible but given the history of high strangeness earth upheavals in Oklahoma, unlikely:

Scientists mystified as 20 earthquakes hit Oklahoma in one day | Mail Online: An area of Logan County around Oklahoma City felt the brunt of the quakes, which were as large as magnitude 3.5
Residents feared for their personal safety and for their property but scientists remain unsure what's causing them, much less how to predict or stop them
Scientists say it could be the result of fracking, changes in lake water levels or even a natural occurrence

8th Banker Commits Suicide: JP Morgan Hong Kong & 30 Stories Down! | Political Vel Craft

There are no coincidences. This makes the 8th banker to commit suicide. What's interesting about this one is that the victim, "…surnamed Lee…" was seen standing on the roof, police attempted to stop him from jumping, and he was seen falling to his death. It's always difficult to sit from afar and speculate on another's life --  at the very least it's distasteful and disrespectful -- but even with witnesses to this apparent suicide, it is possible that this tragic event was staged.

8th Banker Commits Suicide: JP Morgan Hong Kong & 30 Stories Down! | Political Vel Craft: Moments ago a third JPMorgan banker committed suicide, this time at the JPMorgan Charter House Asia headquarters in central Hong Kong, where a 33 year old man who was said to have been an FX trader for JPM, just jumped to his death.

Not much is known yet about the circumstances of the suicide, however according to early reports, the man was 33-years-old, surnamed Lee, and believed to be a forex trader for JP Morgan.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Register Guard: State hands education to private sector

     In today's Eugene-Springfield area newspaper, The Register Guard, this opinion piece by Roscoe Caron "retired middle school teacher . . . teaches in the University of Oregon College of Education."

State hands education to private sector | Opinion | The Register-Guard | Eugene, Oregon: To begin with, almost all of Oregon’s big business players, from Bank of America to Weyerhaeuser, are members of the Oregon Business Council. Those corporations also fund the council’s Employers for Education Excellence organization, which since 2008 has been pushing a redesign of Oregon schools with “outcome based budgeting” as its foundation.
     As is happening with schools everywhere in the U.S., private industry is taking over education, just as the lines between government (including and of course, all about, the office of the president) and corporations is nonexistent.

     The article points out no teachers are involved in the creation of these state mandates, nor do they sit on these boards that design such laws. Scary what one commentator left at the paper's page said; that teachers are not included because they have their own agendas. With thinking like that, it's not surprising at all they are getting away with ripping apart education and putting it back together in mad Dr. Frankenstein ways.

     Among the educational reforms and mandates, such as "common core" curriculum and so on, is the endless data collecting built into the testing, curriculum and computer programs ostensibly presented to make educator's, and administrators, lives easier.

    The definition of fascism, while open to debate about nuances and particulars, is the implantation from the government of authoritarian actions, in partnership with corporations. (Is it a coincidence that the Pledge of Allegiance is now required, by law, to be said by staff and students in every Oregon school once a week?)


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Another Banker Commits "Suicide" By Shooting Himself EIGHT Times With A Nail Gun... | Alternative

News item, can be found all over the place, this one from The Daily Mail, of another banker's "suicide."  

Another Banker Commits "Suicide" By Shooting Himself EIGHT Times With A Nail Gun... | Alternative: Daily Mail:
     A CEO has committed suicide by shooting himself multiple times with a nail gun, a coroner reported on Friday.
     Richard Talley, 57, founder of American Title Services in Centennial, Colorado, was found dead in his home on Tuesday with up to eight wounds to the torso and head.
His company was being investigated by state insurance regulators at the time of Mr Talley’s suicide.
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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lumina Foundation, Big Bucks and the College Push

      This guest editorial by Lumina Foundation CEO Jamie Merisotis appeared in today's Register Guard newspaper.  Lumina Foundation: it is not a non-profit, but a private corporation that is "a tax exempt … formed for public services."  How much does the CEO make a year and how does that compare to how much educators make? No where in this piece is mentioned input from students, teachers or community, but the push for everyone to be "work certified"  via some form of college education, as well as other college paths, is on. We are warned by Merisotis not to "circle the wagons and protect …turf" -- implying that criticism, questioning, are somehow intentional acts of nothing more than defiance and being uncooperative. The Daily Censored has been following Lumina's agenda for some time. On Lumina's origins, Daily Censored writes:

 "The Lumina Foundation arose from a $1 billion student loan sale to Sallie Mae in 2000.  Since then, it and has become the nationwide leader in pushing for higher educational policy reform focused on degree attainment and ‘student learning outcomes’.  Its primary founder, Ed McCabe, was the Chairman of Sallie Mae at the time of the sale, and came on board with Lumina to steer its conversion to an Education Foundation."  (Daily Censored.)

    The dangers of criticizing common core, pushes for all citizens to be college educated, etc. are many. For one, often the right wing aligns itself with anti-public education pushes. I don't like being in the same boat with that ideology. Secondly, teachers and educators are highly dedicated. Questioning policies like common core and other educational reforms puts one in an uncomfortable position. Who doesn't want the best for students? Educators who question and criticize are told they need to "collaborate" which is often code for shut up and buck up. On the surface it sounds great, collaboration is a good thing. Many times teachers are isolated; working together can be creative as well as productive. But when those at the top say "collaborate" they really mean work together to figure out ways to do even more with even less. Thirdly, criticisms of such programs can be seen as being elitist in a surreal turn about way. Marginalized populations do not have the opportunities nor given the resources they need to succeed. Who's against giving students everything they need to go where they want to go? Not me. Everyone should have the same opportunities. Everyone.
     But the issue isn't a level playing field, no matter how much entities like Lumina tell us. It's about money (theirs) and control. It's about data collecting. It's about raking in millions of dollars with new curriculum under the guise of improving education. Furthermore, those in the trenches -- educators -- are often unaware of their complicity. After all, we want to educate kids the best we can. If a new way of teaching concepts comes along, we'll try it. Money poured into schools seems, on the surface, like a good thing. Who wants to argue with that?
     Until college education is free in this country, corporations like Lumina are simply pimping feel good agendas that well meaning educators buy into.

Students and Good Citizenship: "Don't Argue"

From the Activist Post, this 3rd grade lesson on what good citizens do, and do not do. #6: "Does not argue."  (Apparently spelling isn't an issue.)


Monday, February 3, 2014

Parents upset over ‘game' at middle school that asked questions like ‘Do your parents drink?’ and ‘Has anyone in your family been in jail?’ | Odd News - Yahoo News

     Another story of a game as part of the curriculum that's intrusive and without parent input let alone consent: Parents upset over ‘game' at middle school that asked questions like ‘Do your parents drink?’ and ‘Has anyone in your family been in jail?’ | Odd News - Yahoo News

     Usually the reason given for these kinds of games and staged scenarios of accidents, attacks, etc. are to "foster creative thinking" or "develop critical thinking skills." In this case, the explanation given by principal Shawn Limberg had to do with social relationships: “The intent of this activity was to build stronger, more respectful relationships among students.”  

     Questions concerning alcohol use in the home, jail time, and thoughts of suicide or self-harm.

Parents were not informed beforehand of this game, which took place in the classroom, with the teacher's facilitation.

     What I find interesting is that, after many parents complained and were understandably upset (one parent said her child was threatened with "in school suspension" if the student didn't play along, even though, according to the article, students had the right to opt out) was the Principal's comment that "next time" the game is played, parents will be notified.

     So. Plans to continue with the massive data collecting going on in our schools, despite parents objections. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cthulhu, In Your Face

Recent triangle of events, some related, one not (seemingly) share one thing: the magnitude of their blatant nature.

Mockery is big. As with this, NSA new logo for one of its spy satellites:

NSA logo for spy satellite

Deaths of three up-the-food-chain bankers of the world's largest banks, all within five days of each other, listed as suicides. No one can possibly think this is a coincide, and of course, "they" know that. They also know it doesn't make any difference, for the cultural image of the tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist remains, and any serious attempts by mainstream media to make note of this will be dismissed as nothing more than entertainment. So let us eat cake, no one's paying attention.

Vintage cake

Indoctrination, propaganda, in the form of this pro-surveillance Disney cartoon series; "Special Agent Oso:Shutterbugs." The young will watch, and no doubt soon be wearing cute little ladybug-drone backpacks, thinking that drones and little surveillance robot insects are the norm, and, in fact, a good thing. (See also the NSA's "Crypto Kids" program.)

Cthulhu, fictional but nonetheless so real for so many because of the submerged and dark truths he holds , appears to be the symbolic image and myth of where we find ourselves in these times.

Early sketch of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft
"The most merciful thing in the world, I think,is the inability of the human mind to corrrelate all its contents.We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity and it was not meant that we should voyage far.The sciences,each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little.But someday the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality,and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age." ~ H.P. Lovecraft,  The Call of Cthulhu