Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another "Drill" this time in North Carolina

North Carolina school "armed gunman invades 6th grade class.
This has been going on for some time, in the UK, (teacher "killed" in front of students, the start of WWIII complete with bombing sounds and sirens as students were led down to the basement to hide, fake UFO crashes with dead alien body parts strewn about, students told to get ready because the cops were coming to take them away since their parents didn't want them anymore, masked gunmen breaking into a dorm on an overnight camping trip,students rushed onto school buses and driven around for hours without explanation of why or where they're going ...) here's one from just about a month ago, in North Carolina. All these fake drills are done under the bullshit label of "enrichment" --- to facilitate creative writing, or critical thinking, or, in this case, "good citizenship" and "observational" skills. Dupes are
the teachers, who are stupid beyond belief to take part, but fall into the line of swallowing mandated curriculum. Remember, often -- more often than not -- parents and students, and many times, most of the school staff, are not notified before hand of these drills.

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