Saturday, September 14, 2013

Anyone Else Aware Police Were Pulling These Kinds Of Experiments On Our Children?

Another false terror act of a school bus hijacking performed (literally) as a "drill", complete with an audience of school teachers, administrators and staff who were watching the whole thing on camera.  Unclear to me if the students on the school bus were aware that this was only a drill, but I have the impression they did not. Bus drove to site where the audience was watching and students escorted off the bus by the SWAT team. Very scary, but, as is the case with these "drills", not for the reasons one might think. Scary because of the preparation of the police/terror state, and all the rest that goes with it. Also unknown -- if parents were notified beforehand of this drill terrorist act. Anyone Else Aware Police Were Pulling These Kinds Of Experiments On Our Children?

Here's another link to the "drill"  They quote Leonore Skenazy at Free Range Kids concerning student or parents' foreknowledge:
"I truly could not understand from this report (or Googling) if the students knew the attack was fake or not. They probably did, or just imagine the lawsuits. Nonetheless, it is nothing less than bizarre that while they were being "hijacked," school administrators and sundry responsible adults sat in folding chairs in a parking lot across town watching a big-screen live feed of the event."

However, according to the chief of police, students were told beforehand something "out of the ordinary" was going to happen:
"This was a well planned training exercise in which all participants (children and bus driver included) knew well in advance that they were participating in a training exercise to prepare for such an event to take place – which is very possible in our world today.

Each student and participant signed waivers that acknowledged their participation in this training." ~ Chief of Police Glenn Goss.

I'd like to see that waiver. My cynicism tells me it was probably the standard waiver one signs whenever students go on a field trip and or take the school bus. Lots of room for wiggle in that statement.

Under the disingenuous statements of concerned school administrators, well meaning but duped teachers, and gullible parents, students, and community, the ever present post 9/11 threat of terror is kept alive, and with it, the implementation of the police state.