Monday, April 8, 2013

Oregon: House Bill 3014 Would Make Pledge "At least once a day" Mandatory

Daily pledge of allegiance should be required in Oregon schools, lawmaker says | SALEM -- A southern Oregon lawmaker says public schools have become too lax about the Pledge of Allegiance so he has introduced a bill to require districts to buy and display flags in every classroom, and to require a recitation of the pledge at least once a day.
"At least once a day?" The obvious aside -- propaganda, indoctrination, and your general fascist overtones -- the dismal state of budget cuts, curriculum slashing, staff reductions, increased class sizes, and higher academic "standards" teachers and students must reach within this gloomy mess -- but we're going to have time to say the Pledge "at least once" every day?

Naturally, it's a Republican behind this faux feel good patriotic stance:  Rep. Sal Esquivel. House Bill 3014.

Note the language used in the following (italics mine):
Esquivel's bill essentially cracks down on schools that aren't flying flags or ensuring that students get a chance to recite the pledge. It removes language that says schools give students "the opportunity" to say the pledge at least once a week, and replaces it with a requirement that schools provide "a time at least once daily" for a school official or a student to lead students in the traditional flag salute.
"Cracks down."  He's also pushing for charter schools, which get precious little from school districts, to be included in the requirement.

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