Wednesday, March 27, 2013

National Database of School Children Launched

Yesterday I posted a link to what the UK is doing with their public schools in terms of private corporations. Government plus private industry equals fascism; that's the definition of fascism. Today I come across this item about the public schools in the U.S. This database is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates:
National Database of School Children Launched - - Protecting Children by Empowering Parents: Last week the SXSWedu Technology Conference in Austin, Texas, featured a new project that has many educational technology companies very excited – and that has many parents angry and deeply concerned. The project is called inBloom – a massive national database of personal information on public school students – and it is already up and running. Largely funded by the pro-internationalist Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the $100 million project contains information on millions of children to date.

So far, at least 9 states are using or planning to use the system: Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, and North Carolina.
But parents in New York are furious that their child’s information is being shared with private companies “to create a national database for businesses that contract with public schools,” according to the New York Daily News.
Note the project's name: 'inBloom.'  The intent is to have the mind call up imagery of spring, new beginnings, growth, happiness -- spring! -- flowers, innocence, joy, children. We make the connections between children and nature, blooming children, growing and being nurtured, just like the flowers.

Data being stored includes identifying information such as name, address, and social security number, along with school grades, attendance, and even information on hobbies, interests, and attitudes toward school.

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