Saturday, March 2, 2013

From Gizmodo:'Why Is the Navy Building a Shiny Drone Base in Sunny Malibu?'

Gizmodo fluffs this up:Why Is the Navy Building a Shiny Drone Base in Sunny Malibu? It's a good thing, a fun thing, a way cool thing. Shiny drones and all.

Us conspiracy Fortean para-political buffs suspect something far more sinister. Gizmodo is so dense they just let this go right over there heads:
The Navy was a little vague on what exactly these bad guys could be, since "adversaries" and "terrorists" covers about anything imaginable on a boat. Indeed, we were told that "There are times when [the Navy will] pay attention to commercial shipping" off the Californian coast, boats that don't bear any indication of belligerence at all.
Pure propaganda, and obvious propaganda at that; they don't even try. Spying drones intruding on our every day lives? Sure, but that's okay:

Drones in vacation spots are an inevitability. The idea of a beachside xanadu conducting unceasing, expensive, militarized robot flights might sound strange, but it isn't. There will be more bases like that at Point Mugu, spreading around the world like sunburn. There will be drones in California, drones in Texas, drones in Paris, all part of the Pentagon's vision of reshaping its military omnipresence around "lily pads"—light, decentralized bases that house specialized forces and, of course, drones. 

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