Saturday, January 19, 2013

TSA Removing Body Scanners: False Flag Preparation?

I think the subtitle to this blog should be "Or am I getting too paranoid?" Yet, my first feeling/thought that came up strong and loud when I came across the news:
TSA removing 'virtual strip search' body scanners - Washington (CNN) -- Airport body scanners that produce graphic images of travelers' bodies will be removed from checkpoints by June, the Transportation Security Administration says, ending what critics called "virtual strip searches."

Passengers will continue to pass through machines that display a generic outline of the human body, raising fewer privacy concerns.

The TSA move came after Rapiscan, the manufacturer of the 174 so-called "backscatter" machines, acknowledged it could not meet a congressional-ordered deadline to install privacy software on the machines.
...was that we will soon see an event in an airport involving guns; possibly a shooting. (Or threat of shooting that, fortunately, did not happen.)A mock domestic or non-domestic terrorist act, whether a lone shooter or something more involved. Though I think a lone shooter is the most likely. So scanners back in place, only even more intrusive -- a new, "improved" version taking even more data from travelers. And in all this, the controversy over gun control (and with it, mental health issues, Big Pharma, and the laws surrounding all that) will continue. Nothing will ever get done; no one ends up being satisfied, not the NRA, not the gun control people, not the left, not the right. But most will think we are, as we flail around in this mad dance.

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  1. Interesting thought on how this could indeed be `used' in such a manner.