Monday, December 3, 2012

Serial killer assignment withdrawn from curriculum |

Offered, then withdrawn. I suspect the entire exercise was intentional, for surely, no teacher or school administration could seriously believe that such an assignment was a good idea. If nothing else, simply considering the CYA (cover your ass) angle; the outrage from at least one outraged parent wouldn't be worth the hassle. Serial killer assignment withdrawn from curriculum |

But as we've seen, these kinds of violent and fear filled scenarios have been inserted into school curriculums -- from elementary to high school -- for awhile now. Often under the guise of "fostering critical thinking skills" or "facilitating creativity" these violent and frightening episodes are often presented as actually happening. Parents are often not notified, and half the time neither is the whole school staff. Sometimes local police and other authorities are in on the so-called academic exercise.

Some of the choices in the assignment:
Your task choices:

1. Draw a cartoon panel about how your serial killer murdered someone. (2)

2. Produce a detailed artwork about your chosen serial killer. (3)

3. Choose two serial killers, compare them and decide which of them is worse and why. (3)

4. Write a poem about a serial killer. (2)

5. Write a newspaper article about a serial killer who hasn't been caught yet. Describe what they are doing, why people should be scared, what they should look out for etc etc. Make it look like a real newspaper article (at least 200 words). (4)

6. Write an interview with a serial killer as if you were a journalist a make up their answers. (3)

7. Do an A-Z chart of serial killers. (2)

8. Construct a serial killer survey and record the results. (2)

9. Categorise 10 different serial killers into their different motivations (hedonistic, visionary, mission orientated, power/control) and why you have chosen that. (4)

10. Do a similarities and differences table between a spree killer and a serial killer. have at least 10 examples of each. (3)

11. Invent a psychological test which you could give to someone which would accurately assess if someone was a potential serial killer. (5)

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