Sunday, December 16, 2012

5 Unbelievably Creepy Surveillance Tactics | Alternet

At the top of the list, listening in on bus riders -- see post below. In fact, the city where I live, Eugene, is among the small handful of cities nationwide  putting eavesdropping into practice. Soon, all buses everywhere will be watching you, via cameras, as well as listening to your conversations. 
5 Unbelievably Creepy Surveillance Tactics | Alternet: Since the erosion of Americans' civil liberties depends on high levels of public apathy, some of the most dangerous privacy breaches take place incrementally and under the radar; if it invites comparisons to Blade Runner or Orwell, then someone in the PR department didn't do their job. Meanwhile, some of the biggest threats to privacy, like insecure online data or iPhone GPS tracking, are physically unobtrusive and therefore easily ignored. And it'll be at least a year or two until the sky is overrun by spy drones.

So when a method of surveillance literally resembles a prop or plot point in a sci-fi movie, it helps to reveal just how widespread and sophisticated commercial and government monitoring has become. Here are five recent developments that seem almost unreal in their dystopian creepiness.
There are several more intrusive methods, including "tagging" of school children. Those behind the chipping and monitoring of school kids would have us believe it's to help students, for example, helping students avoid being tardy:

It's probably best to train people in robotic discipline early, and many US schools, aided by surveillance technology vendors, are on it . . . One pilot program for middle schoolers used GPS to make sure kids aren't late:
Each school day, the delinquent students get an automated “wake-up” phone call reminding them that they need to get to school on time. In addition, five times a day they are required to enter a code that tracks their locations... students are also assigned an adult “coach” who calls them at least three times a week to see how they are doing...

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