Monday, November 12, 2012

Food to Feed Both the Homeless and The Rest of Us Cogs

I find the juxtapositions of these two items interesting. The first is about food trucks seen as vehicles of terrorist doings: If You Eat Something, Say Something: DHS Sounds The Alarm On The 'Terrorist Implications' Of Food Trucks | Techdirt:

It's interesting (or maybe just kind of sad) that various government agencies see possible terrorists everywhere but rarely, if ever, catch one. Despite the large number of personnel being thrown at the problem (along with lots of money), actual terrorists seem to be in limited supply.

But these agencies haven't let their lack of success temper their vision of a nation under constant imminent attack. Public Intelligence recently posted a Powerpoint presentation from the NYC fire department (FDNY) discussing the unique safety issues mobile food trucks present. Along with some actual concerns (many food trucks use propane and/or gasoline-powered generators to cook; some *gasp* aren't properly licensed food vendors), the presenter decided to toss in some DHS speculation on yet another way terrorists might be killing us in the near future.

That's right. Instead of serving up a quick hot meal, these food trucks will be serving up death, and lots of it! Under the heading "Terrorist Implications," the FDNY lists the exact reasons we should be concerned, most of which begin with the word "high."

The second item; Mayor Bloomberg's War on Food. Besides banning big gulp type sodas, Bloomberg has banned food donations to homeless shelters. The reason given for this ban is that there is no way to check donated food for "...optimal levels of nutrition."

It's as if a giant, almost invisible net, made of the rarest and most comfortable silk, has been dropped over us, and hundreds out of its thousands of threads tighten around us each day. It's so subtle and barely detectable, so unrelated to all the other threads, that we don't notice we're being dragged for slaughter.

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