Monday, November 12, 2012

Big Brother UK: 8 million children recorded on massive secret database — RT

This is like something out of the very great (and scary for its presentient, dystopian insights) fictional UK series Torchwood.Big Brother UK: 8 million children recorded on massive secret database:

A newly uncovered clandestine computer network, known as the ‘One System,’ can reportedly share children’s personal details across different UK agencies, including age, sex, address and their school behavior records – all without parents ever knowing.

One of Britain’s biggest government contractors has created a database containing the personal details of 8 million children, the Sunday Times revealed.

In an Orwellian twist, the firm hires photographers to take pictures of schoolchildren, which they then offer for sale to their parents before uploading them onto the database.

“The only reason they’ve designed this is about profit, it’s not about keeping children safe,” Pickles said.

Capita has been providing school management databases for local councils, called ‘Sims,’ for several years. Those councils can now upload data from Sims onto the One Database. The records, if required, could be integrated into a larger centralized database.

In Swindon, a large town in southern England, records on 48,000 pupils are stored on the Capita One database and have been shared with health officials at local NHS hospitals, and with teams that work with young offenders.

Capita children’s services, which designed the system, told the Sunday Times that it could be used to identify vulnerable children who may need support from social workers.

Pickles disagrees: “Child protection can not be delegated to an algorithm without local or individual knowledge of that child. Databases and computers remove human judgment.”

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