Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sheila Quirke: 'Make Your Own Damn Dinner, Mitt'

Quirke says it all. "Binders full of women" indeed. In Mitthead's mind, those binders are probably full of pictures like these:

Sheila Quirke: Make Your Own Damn Dinner, Mitt: Last night, in response to a young woman's question about lessening the wage gap between men and women in the workplace (it felt like a flashback to 1984, honestly), Mitt started talking about things like binders and moms utilizing flex-time to go home early and fix dinner.

The thinly-veiled misogyny in Mitt's responses has me reeling. Why is it that women, moms specifically, need to go home and make dinner? Where are the men? Do men not eat? Do men not cook? Do men go hungry, waiting for their working women to tend to their most basic of human needs?
In choosing those words and sharing anecdotal evidence of his progressive work place strategies, he both dates and outs himself. He makes himself the helper of women, and it is through his beneficence that moms can cook and tend to their families. Thank you, Mitt. Truly, thank you. 

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