Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Not on Facebook? You're a Psycho

And seeing this only a few moments after I posted on my FB page that I'm considering, not for the first time, leaving FB. Is not joining Facebook a sign you're a psychopath? Some employers and psychologists say it's 'suspicious' | Mail Online

They really want us staying stuck on the grid! Pay with cash? You're a terrorist. Collect rainwater on your property? You're jailed and fined. Don't have a cell phone? You can't even access a lot of places because the forms are set up for texting only replies. And so on. . .

So now, even though employers can use your social media presence against you, they can also use the fact you're not on Facebook or other social media as indications you might be a psycho or terrorist. Notice how this article links the killers Anders Behring Brevik (the Norwegian mass murderer) and James Holmes (see post below for interesting photo comparisons of pre-killing Holmes and the post-mass murdering Holmes) as examples of non-Facebook individuals.

And of course we have popular culture's cliche of the right wing Ted Nugent wacko types depicted as "preppers" and "militants" to trivialize those of us who try, in our little ways, to avoid getting too highly magnetized onto that grid. We're either psycho red necks or stuck in the 1960s hippies. Either way, both groups, while seemingly at far ends of the extremist spectrum, are considered lunatic fringe groups not to be taken seriously. Happy lazy dopers or testosterone driven "preppers", doesn't matter. The first group depicted as naive, the second as paranoid, but both are outsider groups that the infrastructure would have us believe are to be ignored, even while a mass suspicion lurks in the back of the collective mind.

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