Friday, June 22, 2012

Season of the Drone

Lots of news items in recent days of drones. About a week ago I noticed this item of a drone on the back of a flatbed that drove through D.C.: Military drone mistaken for 'UFO' along DC highways. Drone was uncovered, which was intentional. Calls came into 911 reporting a "UFO." That item and other drone news ended up being the topic for a future UFO Magazine column. Meanwhile, the drone items continue. From all angles. Drones are "UFOs" ha ha ha. No really, the creators proudly tell us, it's not a UFO of course but gee that was fun wasn't it? No, the drone is just the latest dazzling technological feat of the incestuous military industrial complex.

Drone fears are acknowledged. U.S. citizens -- some of us anyway -- share concerns about the increasing totalitarian ways of the U.S. government. Drones as surveillance on U.S. citizens.

More drone news; this link Nepal To Use Drone Aircraft To Combat Poaching Of Endangered Species gives us the warm and fuzzy side of drones. Drones are our friends. They help animals, and who doesn't want to do that?

Speaking of animals -- and surveillance -- for some time now we've been seeing little items of drone bugs and birds. You'll never know they're there. Drones spying on farmers: EPA Defends Use of Spy Planes Over Iowa, Neb. Cattle Ranches. That last has my Fortean conspiratorial mind whirring: cattle mutilations connection, anyone?

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  1. We unquestionably face a rising tide of psychological, technological and political-economic oppression. Good piece, please keep up the good work.