Saturday, March 24, 2012

piglipstick: Don't Tell Anyone About your Arsenal/Preperations

Now they're asking us if we own guns? Now I'm no fan of guns, I think the NRA is run by a crazoid and there's something waaaaay too violent and rah rah right wing religious nuts -- well you know -- about most of all that. But, we all have the right to own guns  and I don't begrudge anyone owning a gun. I have toyed with the idea of owning a gun myself on and off through the years and I will say that when I move to the country, you can be sure I will have a gun. And I'll know how to use it properly too.

One thing that does concern me very much about guns is that too many people seem to own them and not have a clue about safety and next thing you know, you're reading a tragic story about some kid who shot his friend, or was shot himself, because his ignorant parents didn't keep the gun in a safe place, let alone watch what the hell their kid was doing. But all that aside, it's no one's business if you own a gun or not. Notice how, in this item "piglipstick" linked to, it mentions that these questions are being asked of medicare patients. Very interesting. One implication is that apparently anyone over 60 is a doddering fool. Think again, whipper snappers! In reality, they're starting with the "old folks" who are presumably easier to control. Then they'll get to the rest of you. Oh God, I sound like an NRA nut. Oh well. It is what it is.piglipstick: Don't Tell Anyone About your Arsenal/Preparations

"Paranoia runs deep . . . " not that there's anything wrong with that.

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  1. Hear, hear and well-said. We are making our own doom, it seems, and nobody the wiser. We would do well to consider the possibility that not everyone of a certain age is either foolish or confused...