Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dullsville: "NH Woman Sued For Planting Flowers In Her Front Yard"

Another incident that adds to the dreary future of fascism. A woman in NH is being sued by her condo board for at least $6,000.00 for planting flowers. And, they've put a lien on her place, so she can't sell. While that may seem hyperbolic, take a closer look at this case. At first, as petty and gloomy as it seemed, it appears that the condo association had some kind of stick up their ass policies against, you know, life and joy. But not so, since, as this article states:
The association’s bylaws don’t expressly forbid planting flowers on your property, Bois explains, nor do they explicitly allow it.
Rules to allow those in teeny positions of to satisfy greed. After all, it's important we have stability in society:
Board members have told Bois they just want all the units to look the same.
This isn't the same as a home owner being harassed by city laws (or, supposed laws, often the laws are not clear and open to interpretation) for planting veggies in her front yard. In the case of the New Hampshire woman, she's a condo owner who agreed to follow the boards policies when she bought the place. But as already noted, there doesn't seem to be a clear rule about planting flowers.
Story here:NH Woman Sued For Planting Flowers In Her Front Yard - CBS Boston

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