Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't Make Friends: Social Engineering and Indoctrination of our School Children

The UK has been busy busy busy these past few years with their social engineering experiments on school children. As I mentioned in a recent post, schools in the UK as well as the U.S.A., Canada and elsewhere, have been staging scenarios that, while varied in theme, have the same plot. They all contain abrupt situations of violence and fear. Students are not told of these staged scenarios before they take place, and neither are their parents. Sometimes, not all of staff is notified either. Everything from fake alien space invasions and abductions to the murders of teachers take place in front of school children. Reasons given for these violent, terror filled scenes include bland academically based responses, such as fostering creativity or developing critical thinking skills. The other day, a U.S. church youth group decided it was a good idea to fake a mock kidnapping -- children were attacked by "kidnappers," thrown into vans and had hoods thrown over their heads. A few years ago (and I've been trying to locate the link, including the one embedded in a piece I wrote about it at the time, but cannot locate either!) a school staged a fake invasion. Year end camp out; children asleep in the dormitory. Masked and hooded intruders broke into the dormitory of sleeping children, brandishing about guns and making threats. Parents were not notified this would take place.

These scenes are staged to appear as something other -- inflicted upon the students while they are unaware. Other times, the violent overreactions of schools and law enforcement is what we see, as in the case I posted about in my previous post. Attack dogs waiting outside for "escapees", (students), police locking students inside, as students attempted to stage a walk-out. This isn't about education -- none of this is. It's about control, compliance, indoctrination, propaganda. It's about ensuring that the next generation does not question authority or even considering that such a thing is possible. It's about accepting the ever growing fascism as the norm. (In the case of the Maryland high school students, they were protesting for education. Learning was not taking place due to overly large classes, and lack of support for teachers.)

This story:UK Schools ban children making best friends : Federal Jack isn't one of violent staged attack scenarios, but it does contain similar elements on the continuum of social engineering and indoctrination that is clearly the purpose  of such acts. In this story, UK schools have decided it is in the child's best interest to discourage having a "best friend." In fact, according to the article, having a best friend or friends is banned in some schools. Being part of the crowd as a team for the greater good is the message here. Disingenuous platitudes from educators that they are protecting children from emotional distress is, simply, bullshit.

(Andy Colvin, author of The Mothman's Photographer and Mothman Speaks! and conspiracy researcher, commented the other day on Mothy Talk that MK ULTRA's name for one of its projects was "Summer Camp.")

We hear of programs like MK ULTRA, Project sTARGATE, and the remote viewing programs that once were, but are no longer. So they say. Thinking the governments involved in these programs would simply stop them and move on is naive. It seems clear these programs are still very active, operating under different names while going deeper underground. We see these apparent disconnected stories of staged attacks on school children, surreally specific  minutiae concerning children's behaviors in school settings, and military actions committed on children in schools and think they're isolated incidents. They are not. They are planned and carefully implemented actions that count on, in part, the non-questioning acceptance of school administrators and teachers.

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