Saturday, March 31, 2012

Surreal Bunny Cop Crackdown

This is a surreal item:Bunny-based crackdown: West Palm Beach police use bunny costume to enforce seat-belt law. Cops in giant rabbit costumes ticket drivers not wearing seat belts. And scarring the hell out of a lot of  little kids, no doubt. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Earthfiles Reports - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

Linda Moultan Howe is the guest tonight on C2C:Earthfiles Reports - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

Suit: NYPD conducting illegal stops in private buildings | The Raw Story

"Operation Clean Halls" is the chilling name given for sweeps by the police in public buildings. Landlords agree with their local police department to have the cops come in and search people. Which is illegal. That, as we know in these post-9/11 "If you see something say something days, doesn't mean a thing. What is surprising is that, according to this item, this program, in various forms, has been in place since 1991, which predates 9/11. But since 9/11, we need no justification to ramp things up.Suit: NYPD conducting illegal stops in private buildings | The Raw Story

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Coast to Coast Relocation Drills

Yesterday I wrote about a thread the Godlike Productions forum. Subject of that thread: an Oklahoma high school was soon to have a drill where students (after turning off their cell phones and handing them over to teachers) were to put on buses and taken to an undisclosed location. Parents were notified, but barely. Where their children were being taken to, and what was going to happen once they were there, was not revealed.

The following article informs us that the Oklahoma school event is not an isolated one, but that these types of drills are happening all over the U.S.Kids All Over America Are Being Put On Buses And Sent To Alternate Locations During School Terror Drills

As you'll see when you read the article, these drills go beyond just emergency preparedness planning. Students are instructed to play injured, parents are told not to contact the schools, and students are told not to contact parents. This is typical of all mock terror drills, whether the theme is aliens, UFOs, terrorism, intruders, war, murderers (all of which have been enacted.) The message is the same: cut off from family.

The article notes that in some cases, parents were told where their children were being taken, and, they were notified beforehand. Often parents are not notified at all. In some cases however parents are not told where their children are being taken. And in one Pennsylvania school, a letter was sent to parents informing them of the upcoming relocation drill. Point for them for letting parents know beforehand. Well, except for this:
"... no child will be released for any reason during this practice activity or real emergency."

Other schools have similar policies.

A good article with a chilling overview of drills of various kinds, including one New Jersey school where a shooter broke into the school. Terrified teachers and children did their best to deal with the situation. Of course, it was fake, but neither teachers nor students knew that at the time.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Kids being SECRETLY bused away from school for two hours and other "creative" exercises

Eerie. There are no coincidences, but there are synchronicities. I've been posting away here the past couple of days of deceptively random events in schools in the U.S. and UK. Private and public schools alike are involved in these so-called drills. (Besides posting about these drills are the academic/behavior events, such as the recent banning of having a best friend in UK schools.) Both tactics:the overt active drills and the engineering of social behavior in curriculum are intentional. And there's been a slew of them the past few days. Here's the latest from a post on the Godlike Productions forum. (thanks to Greg Nathan for the link.) Kids being SECRETLY bused away from school for two hours - Emergency Preparedness Drill in Oklahoma town:
I live in a rural town in Oklahoma. We got a pre-recorded message on our home phone tonight informing us of an "emergency preparedness drill" that will be taking place on Tuesday of this week. It was non-detailed, and just said that they wanted to practice in case of a real emergency and that this was only a drill. As a parent, I was NOT notified of the plan surrounding the drill or that the students would be taken away from campus.
The poster goes on to write that, according to her teen age daughters told her that they didn't know when the drill was to take place, cell phones were to be turned off and turned over to teachers, the police would be present, and location where the students will be taken will not be disclosed.

In this case the parents were notified beforehand about the drill. Usually parents are not notified at all. This parallels a case in Scotland in March of 2011:
A group of stunned primary schoolchildren began crying when their teacher told them during a bizarre Holocaust game that they were to be taken away from their families.

The pupils, aged 11, became upset after a number of them were segregated and told they were being sent away or might end up in an orphanage.

Parents were not notified. One male student kept asking questions and refused to leave unless he got some answers:
When one child asked if that meant they might have to go to an orphanage, they were told that might be a possibility.

'At that point many of the children became very distressed.

'One boy kicked his chair over, one was angry and demanded to speak to someone in charge but most were crying on a scale ranging from mildly to severely.

'Their ordeal lasted between 12 and 15 minutes before the children were informed that it was all an act but that the role play would continue until lunchtime.'

What's particularly scary about this incident is the blatant response to criticism by parents. Here the excuse of encouraging creative expression was used, but along with a hint to the real reason:

"...they wanted the children to experience an "accurate emotional response" to this scenario in order for it to be reflected in their story writing."

Here's a story I missed; from February of this year.  :
Nine and Ten year olds attending the Wincheap Foundation Primary School in Canterbury, were interrupted mid lesson by a commotion outside. As they were encouraged to peer out the window they saw their school caretaker abducted by a man wearing a red-wig. The kidnapper forced the caretaker at gun-point in to a vehicle, before speeding out of the school-grounds.
In reality it wasn’t a real abduction. The man in the red wig was Clive Close, the school-headmaster. What appeared to be a gun was actually an old water-tap used as a prop. The whole incident had been premeditated as part of a bizarre teaching method, allegedly used to spark children’s imagination and help improve their creative writing in English lessons.
Note the oft repeated justification for these drills: "...used to spark children's imagination and help improve their creative writing ..."  but in reality, parents are rarely notified, children are made to believe the events are real, the local authorities --at cost of the tax payer -- are present and actively take part, violence and fear are the key components.

"Paranoia runs deep . . . " not that there's anything wrong with that.Wake UP!

Octopus Confessional: Don't Make Friends: Social Engineering and Indoctrination of our School Children

Octopus Confessional: Don't Make Friends: Social Engineering and Indoctrination of our School Children

"Paranoia runs deep . . . " not that there's anything wrong with that.

Don't Make Friends: Social Engineering and Indoctrination of our School Children

The UK has been busy busy busy these past few years with their social engineering experiments on school children. As I mentioned in a recent post, schools in the UK as well as the U.S.A., Canada and elsewhere, have been staging scenarios that, while varied in theme, have the same plot. They all contain abrupt situations of violence and fear. Students are not told of these staged scenarios before they take place, and neither are their parents. Sometimes, not all of staff is notified either. Everything from fake alien space invasions and abductions to the murders of teachers take place in front of school children. Reasons given for these violent, terror filled scenes include bland academically based responses, such as fostering creativity or developing critical thinking skills. The other day, a U.S. church youth group decided it was a good idea to fake a mock kidnapping -- children were attacked by "kidnappers," thrown into vans and had hoods thrown over their heads. A few years ago (and I've been trying to locate the link, including the one embedded in a piece I wrote about it at the time, but cannot locate either!) a school staged a fake invasion. Year end camp out; children asleep in the dormitory. Masked and hooded intruders broke into the dormitory of sleeping children, brandishing about guns and making threats. Parents were not notified this would take place.

These scenes are staged to appear as something other -- inflicted upon the students while they are unaware. Other times, the violent overreactions of schools and law enforcement is what we see, as in the case I posted about in my previous post. Attack dogs waiting outside for "escapees", (students), police locking students inside, as students attempted to stage a walk-out. This isn't about education -- none of this is. It's about control, compliance, indoctrination, propaganda. It's about ensuring that the next generation does not question authority or even considering that such a thing is possible. It's about accepting the ever growing fascism as the norm. (In the case of the Maryland high school students, they were protesting for education. Learning was not taking place due to overly large classes, and lack of support for teachers.)

This story:UK Schools ban children making best friends : Federal Jack isn't one of violent staged attack scenarios, but it does contain similar elements on the continuum of social engineering and indoctrination that is clearly the purpose  of such acts. In this story, UK schools have decided it is in the child's best interest to discourage having a "best friend." In fact, according to the article, having a best friend or friends is banned in some schools. Being part of the crowd as a team for the greater good is the message here. Disingenuous platitudes from educators that they are protecting children from emotional distress is, simply, bullshit.

(Andy Colvin, author of The Mothman's Photographer and Mothman Speaks! and conspiracy researcher, commented the other day on Mothy Talk that MK ULTRA's name for one of its projects was "Summer Camp.")

We hear of programs like MK ULTRA, Project sTARGATE, and the remote viewing programs that once were, but are no longer. So they say. Thinking the governments involved in these programs would simply stop them and move on is naive. It seems clear these programs are still very active, operating under different names while going deeper underground. We see these apparent disconnected stories of staged attacks on school children, surreally specific  minutiae concerning children's behaviors in school settings, and military actions committed on children in schools and think they're isolated incidents. They are not. They are planned and carefully implemented actions that count on, in part, the non-questioning acceptance of school administrators and teachers.

Unslaved Media - Mainstream Media questions Chemclouds Chemtrails

Montage of main stream media questioning chemtrails. Unslaved Media - Mainstream Media questions Chemclouds Chemtrails after concerned citizens start

Activist Post: Schools Just Became Even More Dangerous -- Attack Dogs Waiting For Dissenters

More fascist tactics in our public schools. Students protesting against lousy conditions that hinder learning -- from crap "food" served in the cafeteria to quality of education in terms of class size and teacher support -- were treated like escaping prisoners in a jail. Students staged a walk-out in a demonstration of their frustration concerning the conditions in their schools.  Police were called in, and stood against the doors to keep students in. Outside, attack dogs were present, ready to force any students back into the building if they tried to leave the school. Activist Post: Schools Just Became Even More Dangerous -- Attack Dogs Waiting For Dissenters

"Paranoia runs deep . . . " not that there's anything wrong with that.

George Carlin on Peace

"Paranoia runs deep . . . " not that there's anything wrong with that. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 10, 2012 | Future Theater Episode: Kenn Thomas of Steamshovel Press

Bill and Nancy Birnes, hosts of Future Theater (and publisher and editor of UFO Magazine, where yours truly contributes each issue with my Orange Orb column) speaks with guest Kenn Thomas.March 10, 2012 | Future Theater

Tonight's show was just an amazing romp through Kenn Thomas land, where you will hear, as he says on his site Steamshovel Press, "All Conspiracy. No Theory." And I neglected to thank our kind columnist Adam Gorightly for the intro, so I thank him here and now.

We talk about the enigmatic Fred Crisman and the strange way that Kenn was initially drawn into the whole Danny Casolaro story. There's way too much to write about here, so just listen. Then, check out Kenn's books. Welcome to the edge.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

piglipstick: Don't Tell Anyone About your Arsenal/Preperations

Now they're asking us if we own guns? Now I'm no fan of guns, I think the NRA is run by a crazoid and there's something waaaaay too violent and rah rah right wing religious nuts -- well you know -- about most of all that. But, we all have the right to own guns  and I don't begrudge anyone owning a gun. I have toyed with the idea of owning a gun myself on and off through the years and I will say that when I move to the country, you can be sure I will have a gun. And I'll know how to use it properly too.

One thing that does concern me very much about guns is that too many people seem to own them and not have a clue about safety and next thing you know, you're reading a tragic story about some kid who shot his friend, or was shot himself, because his ignorant parents didn't keep the gun in a safe place, let alone watch what the hell their kid was doing. But all that aside, it's no one's business if you own a gun or not. Notice how, in this item "piglipstick" linked to, it mentions that these questions are being asked of medicare patients. Very interesting. One implication is that apparently anyone over 60 is a doddering fool. Think again, whipper snappers! In reality, they're starting with the "old folks" who are presumably easier to control. Then they'll get to the rest of you. Oh God, I sound like an NRA nut. Oh well. It is what it is.piglipstick: Don't Tell Anyone About your Arsenal/Preparations

"Paranoia runs deep . . . " not that there's anything wrong with that.

Don't Spy On Me! The NYCLU's Spy Files Campaign | New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) - American Civil Liberties Union of New York State

Is the government spying on you? Find out:Don't Spy On Me! The NYCLU's Spy Files Campaign | New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) - American Civil Liberties Union of New York State

The Latest Grinding Down

We've come to take it as a matter of course that any potential job hire requires a drug test. No matter the type of job; you will be drug tested. Most of the time reasons for rejection of the employee, based on the drug test results, are not given. Too bad if your medications or diet influence the test results. The insurance companies have sold the rest of us the lie, long ago, that drug testing is good for society. For both consumers and worker bees. A huge load of crap of course but, along with the tragic and failed War on Drugs, the two -- big biz and the anti-drug campaigns -- we've come to accept that drug testing is just part of the process.

Then there are the credit checks. Many employers do credit checks on potential employees. Why this was ever allowed is astounding to consider, but allowed it's been. Some states are working to enact laws prohibiting companies from checking into a candidate's credit history. [Here's a brief run down]

For the past couple of years, many employers will not hire people who've been out of work for more than six months, or a year. Reasons for this illogical culling method vary; but none of them make sense. The would be employee is suspect before they've had a chance to show their skills and work ethic. Like the drug testing and credit checks, the employee is seen as a commodity, not a human being. Then there's the work for free tactic. So desperate for jobs, employers gleefully take advantage of the unemployed by offering what amounts to unpaid internships.

 The most recent intrusion into the lives of the hoi polloi is the social network check. Companies now either ask potential employees for their passwords to Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts, or expect that the person will show them their activity on those sites.

 Sure, you refuse to be drug tested, sign permission forms to have your credit history investigated, or give out your Facebook password, but you won't be hired. So many people are desperate in these times, and that's exactly what those who are in the position of hiring are taking advantage of. People's desperation. All these actions may actually be believed by who hire, but they're dupes, simply buying into the lies we tell ourselves to do the dirty things we do to survive. Others know these things are blatantly unethical, subjecting employees to disruptions of their privacy, but they simply don't care. Arrogant and safe in their positions of petty power, the see themselves as protectors of the realm of capitalism and even a religious or smug moral sense that they're responsible for the rest of us. Hence, drug testing, credit checks, and all the rest of the ever growing personal indignities committed against the workers. Even when much of the time, those are committed by the workers themselves; they're just a rung or two up on the ladder. But when those so high up on that ladder that they can't be seen, only felt, decide it's time for you to go, you're gone. It won't matter how well you've played the game for them. Because those people are just players like the rest of us.

"Paranoia runs deep . . . " not that there's anything wrong with that.

Pa. church conducts mock kidnapping on youth group - ABC27 WHTM

Another story of a staged attack on children by adults working in an educational context. In this case, a church group faked a kidnapping and interrogations. Children were "kidnapped" thrown in a van and had their heads covered in hoods. All to prepare students for what might happen during their missionary indoctrination treks in other lands. Story here: Pa. church conducts mock kidnapping on youth group

These staged events have been happening more and more in the U.S. as well as the UK and Canada. Students are not informed and often parents aren't either. The scenario varies: sometimes it's an intruder, a terrorist, a murderer, aliens or UFOs, the start of WWIII, but the purpose is the same. Random and sudden violence from outside perpetuated upon children, without their parents prior knowledge -- their permission to allow their children to take part in these "drills" is rarely sought.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Feeding the Homeless: It's Criminal

Piglipstick (on my list of daily blog visits) has a post about the increasing crime of feeding the homeless. More and more, cities across America are creating laws that make it illegal for us to feed the homeless. To offer something warm to drink or give someone a sandwich. Some local politicians insist they're doing this for the "safety" of the homeless. That is disingenuous, and only said to appease the rest of the citizenry. Because of course, if these law makers cared about the "safety" of the homeless, there would be laws made to make it easier for everyone to have resources to feed the homeless, as well as finding shelter, etc. Instead, the reality is control. As it all is -- control. Control of all of us.  Don't think for a minute it's just about controlling individual segments of society: the poor, the homeless, the unemployed, ex-cons, etc.  We're all in this together. Don't be distracted by false divisions.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dullsville: "NH Woman Sued For Planting Flowers In Her Front Yard"

Another incident that adds to the dreary future of fascism. A woman in NH is being sued by her condo board for at least $6,000.00 for planting flowers. And, they've put a lien on her place, so she can't sell. While that may seem hyperbolic, take a closer look at this case. At first, as petty and gloomy as it seemed, it appears that the condo association had some kind of stick up their ass policies against, you know, life and joy. But not so, since, as this article states:
The association’s bylaws don’t expressly forbid planting flowers on your property, Bois explains, nor do they explicitly allow it.
Rules to allow those in teeny positions of to satisfy greed. After all, it's important we have stability in society:
Board members have told Bois they just want all the units to look the same.
This isn't the same as a home owner being harassed by city laws (or, supposed laws, often the laws are not clear and open to interpretation) for planting veggies in her front yard. In the case of the New Hampshire woman, she's a condo owner who agreed to follow the boards policies when she bought the place. But as already noted, there doesn't seem to be a clear rule about planting flowers.
Story here:NH Woman Sued For Planting Flowers In Her Front Yard - CBS Boston

Saturday, March 17, 2012

From Yahoo Finance News: "$100 to Fly Through the Airport"

So now, in our radioactive rabbit dyspotian world, if you have the money, you can avoid being the example/pawn of the government:$100 to Fly Through the Airport - Yahoo! Finance
Hate the full-body scans, pat-downs and slow going at TSA airport security screening checkpoints? For $100, you can now bypass the hassle.

The Transportation Security Administration is rolling out expedited screening at big airports called "Precheck." It has special lanes for background-checked travelers, who can keep their shoes, belt and jacket on, leave laptops and liquids in carry-on bags and walk through a metal detector rather than a full-body scan. The process, now at two airlines and nine airports, is much like how screenings worked before the Sept. 11 attacks.

To qualify, frequent fliers must meet undisclosed TSA criteria and get invited in by the airlines. There is also a backdoor in. Approved travelers who are in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's "Global Entry" program can transfer into Precheck using their Global Entry number.

Oh it gets worse. There's "Pre check" and the mysterious "undisclosed" parameters that allow the privileged to pass by the rest of the 
Hoi polloi. And there's "codes" that are "embedded... in ... boarding passes" and all the rest. Still think TSA and Homeland Security are merely protecting us from terrorism, and not the fascist tendrils of the U.S of Big Brother State? Feh.

So I sound like a tin foil hat wearing crank. These days, I don't much care. Grumpy? Sure. But it's like the cliche: "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not watching you."

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Homeless people turned into walking wi-fi hotspots at $2 per 15 minutes at SXSW | Mail Online

Some things are so blatantly disgusting that it needs no explaning as to why it's so. If you don't get it, you're part of the problem: Homeless people turned into walking wi-fi hotspots at $2 per 15 minutes at SXSW | Mail Online

A marketing stunt where homeless people were turned into walking internet hotspots with T-shirts proclaiming 'I'm a 4G hotspot' has caused outcry in Texas.
Branding agency BBH was forced to defend its 'Homeless Hotspots' initiative after it was described as 'dystopian' - and lambasted as a 'shameful, hideous, patronising, dehumanising idea' by British brand strategist Luke Scheybeler.
The Homeless Hotspots initiative was trialled at the SXSW music and technology conference in Austin, Texas - with a suggested price of $2 per 15 minutes.
According to this article, the campaign has been abandoned.

Here's what Jon Stewart had to say about it the other night on The Daily Show.

Buried Alive - Cruel And Unusual Punishment

Among those in solitary, whether for a few days or decades, are the mentally ill, physically ill and/or challenged, etc. Buried Alive - Cruel And Unusual Punishment:
What America's Eighth Amendment and international law prohibit, US federal, state and local prisons permit.

Solitary Watch reports "news from a nation in lockdown" to bring America's widespread use of barbaric "solitary confinement and other forms of torture in U.S. prisons out of the shadows and into the light of the public square."

It calls the practice "one of the most pressing (unaddressed) domestic human rights issues in America today - and also one of the most invisible."

Many thousands are affected. More on that below. Supposedly solely for the "worst of the worst," it's used abusively as punishment without cause, despite no legitimate penological purpose.

"Today, inmates can be placed in complete isolation for months or years not only for violent acts but for possessing contraband, using drugs, ignoring orders, or using profanity."