Friday, February 3, 2012

Prison TSA Trains Super Bowl Hot Dog Sellers To Spot Terrorists

TSA and Homeland Security have been steadily and carefully doing their part in the expanding tentacles of the fascist kraken that is the new USA. Appealing to the very population they are brutally fucking --- all the while convincing the hoi poli it feels so good and is really what you want --- they started in Walmart, where propaganda videos encourage you to "say something" if you "see something." Now, hot dog vendors and the worker bees that are employed to keep the great American pastime of football; I mean, football, as in Super Bowl fucking football -- are the guardians of us all. Clever but an old tactic; give the people you're fucking the tidbits of a false authority, a faux specialness, and gently stuff them with the lie that they're helping to make us all safer. TSA Trains Super Bowl Hot Dog Sellers To Spot Terrorists:
“TSA said over 8,000 stadium vendors, parking lot attendants, shuttle bus drivers, and other transportation professionals received the agency’s First Observer training for detecting and assessing indicators and planning tactics of potential terrorist activities,” reports Government Security News.

Thanks to piglipstick for link.

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