Thursday, November 24, 2011

In Your Face Fakery: The Use of Terror Threats to Control

I was struck by the timing of these seeming unconnected events of fake terror and hacking alerts. Industry and government are involved in two of these events that send a loud message: "Yeah, what're ya going to do about it?", while  one involves a citizen who used the fear of a terror threat to get revenge. On that one, I wonder just how isolated that action was, due to the timing of these other events. Was she set up? Were we set up?

False flag events, staged invasions and disasters have been going on for some time, as I've been commenting on here and at the Orange Orb. (The UK in particular has had an interesting slew of staged events.)  These often happen in schools. But these three recent news items, while all different and coming from different places share some things in common: they are fake, and they are transparent. They thumb their nose at the law, while at the same time showing us they are the ones operating the machine. And they all mention the threat of terrorism. All these years since 9/11, and the fear of terrorism is still being used to manipulate and control, and prepare us for what's to come in terms of a fascist state:

Surveillance Company Says It Sent Fake iTunes, Flash Updates - Digits - WSJ
Gamma International UK Ltd. touts its ability to send a “fake iTunes update” that can infect computers with surveillance software, according to one of the company’s marketing videos.

All of the hacking companies say they sell their tools to law enforcement and governments to help them track down criminals. People in this new industry say their tools are necessary because terrorists and criminals are communicating online and hiding behind encryption and other techniques.
Mayor Bloomberg tried to fool New Yorkers with his heavy handed attempt at a fake terror alert. This was done to distract and discredit OWS. Yesterday I posted a YouTube clip of Keith Olbermann speaking to this, here on OC.

FBI: Jilted woman sought revenge on ex-lover by calling in fake terror threat:
California woman surrendered to the FBI Wednesday on charges that she called an airline to report a fake terrorist threat hours before her ex-lover was to board an international flight, authorities said.

Temple City resident Lizet Sariol called United Airlines on Sept. 25 to say there would "be an emergency" on a Las Vegas to Paris flight, according to a criminal complaint filed by the federal government.

Prosecutors allege the 45-year-old woman was seeking revenge on a man who she'd had sexual encounters with over four meetings — and who had just unfriended her on Facebook, among other rejections.


  1. Very interesting blog, Regan. Thank you for mentioning Octopus Confessional on The Orange Orb. I will link from UFOmania and others as applicable.

  2. Thank you Jack, I appreciate that!