Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Eugene: SUV Arson a Set-up?

About three blocks from my home; heard the sirens last night: Motives of SUV arson unclear | Someone sprayed a vehicle with “Occupy Eugene” graffiti and then set it on fire in a west neighborhood My first thought while reading this was that it seemed suspicious; a set-up to discredit OWS and the Eugene version. As the article noted:
But at this point, police say they don’t know who set the fire or why they did it — despite the fact that the burned sport utility vehicle was covered with miscellaneous graffiti that included an anarchist symbol and messages consistent with those of the nation­wide “Occupy” movement protesting economic inequities.

Eugene police spokeswoman Melinda McLaughlin said it would be “unfair to blame any one group” for the arson.

“The graffiti is all over the map,” she said.

The SUV was painted with OWS type slogans, like "Oil is bad" which seems lame and clumsy. There was also an insult painted aimed at Eugene mayor Kitty Piercy, who is a liberal; the repug types don't like her at all. That insult (whatever it was, the paper did not release it) adds to my suspicions. It's illogical an OWS supporter would bash a liberal mayor,one who supports in spirit OWS. There is also the fact that the SUV wasn't recognized by anyone in the area. It just appeared. Someone commented to me after reading the article that they thought it was insurance fraud.

Occupy Eugene responded:
Occupy Eugene spokeswoman Crystal Stanford said the group is part of “a peaceful movement” that does not condone violence or property destruction.

“My first thought (upon hearing of the SUV fire) was that people would think that we were on the fringe,” Stanford said. “We’re a populist movement, and our values are consistent with the values of the everyday, normal person.”

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