Sunday, October 30, 2011

How Occupy Wall Street Cost Me My Job

Another journalist, Caitlin Curran, fired for her participation in OWS. How Occupy Wall Street Cost Me My Job (thanks to Mystic Politics for link.)Interesting what Curran points out about OWS becoming "mainstream":
I attempted to find others, besides myself and Simeone, who have been fired for their involvement with the Occupy movement, but wasn't able to find anyone who wanted to go on the record about it—though I did get a prompt response from Occupy Wall Street's media desk, and an e-mail from someone in Mobile, Alabama saying "Occupy Wall Street folks don't have jobs, if they did they would not be there in the middle of the work week," further proof of the national confusion over who Occupiers are.

These are issues that will become ingrained in the movement as it evolves, and that potential protesters and their employers will need to face as Occupy becomes "mainstreamed," as Katha Pollitt called it in the Nation last week. Pollitt pointed out that, just a few weeks ago the few media outlets acknowledging Occupy mostly saw it as a rag-tag collection of hippies. Now, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is saying he "can't blame" protesters for being angry, and Suze Orman is challenging its detractors, saying "to deride the movement because it has yet to formulate a well-delineated platform says plenty more about the critics than the protesters."
First, it was ridiculous comments from the confused and the disingenuous who referred to OWS as, to paraphrase, "bongo playing hippies." Then the feigned ignorance: "What do they want?" Now it's slowly becoming mainstream, which either means it will become boring and marginalized and news coverage will just go away, or the outrage over Global Corporate Fascist America and our emerging third world status, along with police brutality, will seep into the mainstream, forcing everyone to take a side and make a stand.

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