Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daily Show and Occupy Wall Street???

I like The Daily Show and Jon Stewart; usually watch it. Past couple of weeks I haven't been paying much attention to the program however, since I've been pretty busy. The TV's been on and Stewart on the background, but that's while I've been working on projects around, and outside the house. Spouse has been paying closer attention lately than I have. But it seemed to me that Stewart hasn't addressed the "Occupy Wall Street" protests. I asked my spouse, he said he hadn't seen anything either. Either Stewart has aired segments on Occupy Wall Street and we just missed it, or, he hasn't at all. If he hasn't -- is that because Stewart's brother is Larry Leibowitz, who is Chief Operating Office of the New York Stock Exchange?

Anthony Bologna, NYPD Officer Who Pepper-Sprayed Protester, Had Role In 2004 Incidents

Anthony Bologna, NYPD Officer Who Pepper-Sprayed Protester, Had Role In 2004 Incidents

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eugene, OR:Cops Cite Vendors in Park for Dead Heads

The city of Eugene is citing vendors in the parks: City cracks down on vendors | Police issue citations to unlicensed sellers in Alton Baker Park before the start of a Furthur concert
The crackdown on “Shakedown Street” began Friday afternoon, when Eugene police began issuing tickets to unlicensed vendors who jammed into an Alton Baker Park parking lot in advance of the band Furthur’s three-night concert series at Cuthbert Amphitheater.
“We’re not doing anything bad, we’re just trying to get by,” said Blue River resident Obidiah Cron, who received a citation charging him with violating city park rules that explicitly forbid anyone from “soliciting, selling, offering for sale, peddling, hawking, or vending any goods or services” without a permit.
Cron complained about having trouble making money on Friday, but said he was giving away his homemade trinkets while hanging out along “Shakedown Street” — the name given to crowded areas outside Grateful Dead and Furthur shows where food, clothing, artwork and other items are sold in a partylike atmosphere.
Passing time in the makeshift vending village — which on Friday afternoon was inhabited by at least 200 people and dozens of dogs — is a tradition among many Deadheads and Furthur followers.
But officials with the Eugene police and parks departments and Kesey Enterprises, which manages the city-owned amphitheater, agreed to work to prevent anything from spinning out of control this weekend outside the venue.

Context: Eugene has a high number of homeless and poor. Eugene is "hippie heaven" (not really, just looks that way, thanks to the Oregon County Fair, etc.). Eugene has been getting away with banning citizens for up to a year from the "downtown" (snort, chuckle) area for being suspicious, obnoxious, clashing with the other person's values, let alone committing crimes. (On the latter, I'm sympathetic, for there are plenty of thugs and creeps out there who seem hell bent on intentionally causing trouble and behaving in disgusting ways. However. . . ) On the downtown mall is a free speech area called Kesey Square, in honor of Oregon's Ken Kesey. Yet even Homeland Security has gotten involved in all that at times. Yes, right here in little old Eugene. Which isn't so little any more, nor so friendly, or as open to the counter culture as one would think. Recently I posted about the shut down of a concert on private land in the town of Blachy, roughly thirty miles or so from here.

Irony: "...Kesey Enterprises, which manages the city-owned amphitheater, agreed to work to prevent anything from spinning out of control this weekend outside the venue."

Kit Kesey, president of Kesey Enterprises, cited both public safety and health concerns — such as selling alcohol and food without a license — as reasons why officials decided to take measures to deal with the parking lot crowds.
“We’re just trying to manage an event properly here,” Kesey said. “I know it’s been part of the culture for a long time, but an open-air vending market is not what we want to see.”

Still ironic, but slightly understandable:
Dennis McNally, the Grateful Dead’s former publicist and band historian, said the band began supporting such crackdowns outside some concerts beginning in the late 1980s.
“Around that time, the number of people at shows who didn’t have tickets went from maybe 1,000 to somewhere closer to 5,000,” he said. “It caused an environmental overload situation at many venues.”

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Coffee Sleeve | Homeland Security | See Something | The Daily Caller

Homeland Security wants you to Drink Your Coffee and Look for Terrorists as their promotion propaganda "If you see something, say something" continues.

Big Brother is watching you while you drink your coffee, or at least imploring you to watch others while you drink your coffee.

Coffee addicts getting their morning fix may notice an advertisement on their coffee-cup sleeves with a helpful message from the Department of Homeland Security. “If you see something, say something,” the ad says. “Report unattended bags and unusual behavior to police or transit personnel.”

A DHS spokesperson said the Maryland Transit Administration started the coffee sleeve campaign. According to the sleeve, the ad was “purchased with funds provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.”

Part of the Department of Homeland Security’s guidelines for suspicious behavior include individuals “acting furtively and suspiciously” and “avoiding eye contact.” The side effects of heavy caffeine use include irritability, anxiety, tremulousness and muscle twitching.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Canada The Alarm Clock is going off !: The Convoluted case of Dillon Malanga

If your school board and probation officer don't like your politics, you're in big trouble:
Canada The Alarm Clock is going off !: The Convoluted case of Dillon Malanga

Monthly Terror Drills Now Required By Law For Students Including Kindergarten And 1st Graders :

Here's another item about schools and preparing students for terror: Monthly Terror Drills Now Required By Law For Students Including Kindergarten And 1st Graders. In the past, most of these stories about government sanctioned terror drills -- which took many forms -- were from the U.K. This story is from the U.S.

At first, the story seems like an alarmist piece. After all, all public schools have fire and lock down drills. A good thing, since naturally the reasonable goal is to protect children. Modeling calm behavior in the midst of risk and danger is a good thing; no one could argue that.

But then things turn ugly and the propaganda comes tumbling out loud and clear. Like the drills social engineering experiments in the U.K., where parents and often staff weren't notified in advance of the staged events, the following took place in New Jersey:

NJ School Shooting Drill Terrifies Teachers

About 50 teachers at a New Jersey school experienced a terrifying moment when a shooting rampage turned out to be a drill, but the teachers didn’t know it.
It happened Aug. 28 at the Phillipsburg New Jersey Early Learning Center.
A man burst into the library and started shooting. But the gun didn’t have any bullets, just blanks.
Teachers took cover under child-sized tables, crying and trembling.
“People are crying. The girl next to me is trembling and shaking. You heard people crying. You heard other people praying. It was pretty dramatic,” one teacher said.
The school district put the drill in place to test staff readiness.

To "test staff readiness" is disingenuous spin. 

In this same article, I was very surprised to read about a drill that took place here in Oregon in the town of Albany, about an hour's drive from where I live:

School shooting drill gets cops, kids on same page

ALBANY, Ore. – For students, fire drills and earthquake drills are simply the norm, but on Wednesday, in a sign of the times, students in Albany took part in a school shooting drill that was very intense.
This may have been only a drill, but it’s just about as real as it gets.
“Basically, the weaponry is the same weapon we carry on duty,” said Albany Police Sgt. Travis Giboney. “However, they use a marking cartridge: kind of like a paintball, except it’s a gas-driven paint pellet.”
I am completely in agreement that these drills contain an agenda that is extremely insidious. However, I don't agree with HIggins' point about student safety tactics during an actual lock down:
Instinctive tactics like flight and dispersion would probably serve them better than hiding beneath desks while a shooter walks by and picks them off through a window.
Good point in many ways, but ignores developmental and age appropriate factors. However, that is not the issue here.

Be sure to watch the clip embedded in this article; chilling as to what police are being trained in these days by Lt. Col Dave Grossman, "terror expert."  This is where much of what is going on in our schools comes from.  Not only has Grossman trained in every state, but has also trained the Coast Guard, military branches, and the Forest Service. That last agency may seem like an odd one to include, but look into what they've been doing lately and it doesn't seem so strange. Grossman's agenda (and we have to ask -- who, or what, is he serving?) isn't limited to schools and government; he trains corporate America as well. 

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UK Teachers Tell Students WWIII Has Started

 Eliciting Accurate Emotional Response in Students

Eliciting Accurate Emotional Response in Students

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quartzsite, AZ: Quartzsite fires whistleblower cops

The madness of Quartzsite, Arizona:Quartzsite, AZ: Quartzsite fires whistleblower cops

I realize commenting on events in a place I've never been to has limitations, but clearly the numerous illegal and plain bizarre events in Quartzsite, Arizona seem to speak for themselves. How these people get away with these things is beyond me; from the governor on down no one seems to take responsibility and get involved, the paid authorities in Quartzsite continue to defy ethics, the law and common sense despite making the national news... at this point, you'd be tempted to think it's some sort of vast social engineering experiment.

Activist Post: Unacceptable Emotions Soon to be Analyzed in Airports

Activist Post: Unacceptable Emotions Soon to be Analyzed in Airports

Monday, September 12, 2011

"Panic on the playground"

Paranoia runs deep. . .
In June, police ticketed two women eating doughnuts on a bench inside one of the city’s public playgrounds; another doughnut-eating pair on a nearby bench also received tickets. The quartet, who had bought their snacks from a cramped doughnut shop across the street, had broken the same municipal law as a group of seven men who were ticketed last winter while playing chess at another playground.

Panic on the playground

Visitors to Arizona prisons hit with $25 fee�|�Truth Frequency News

Seems illegal to me and it's being challenged but so far, it stands.

A prison reform group sued the corrections department, saying the fee was arbitrary, unconstitutional and amounted to a tax on an already vulnerable segment of residents. Corrections officials say the fees will ensure inmates are safe.

Since the law went into effect July 20, there has been confusion, with potential visitors wondering whether they would have to pay and why a fee for a background check would go toward building repairs. Some worried that the fee would reduce the number of visitors, essentially eliminating the kinds of family contact with prisoners that could improve the chances for rehabilitation.

Plaintiff Donna Hamm said families are already under budget constraints and must pay for multiple members and travel to sometimes remote prisons to reach inmates.

“So in essence, if this policy results in delaying or diminishing or eliminating prison visitation for anyone, the state is shooting themselves in the foot in terms of rehabilitation,” Hamm said. “That’s a very short-sighted view of public safety policy.”

The Tempe, Ariz.-based Middle Ground Prison Reform filed the lawsuit last month seeking to have the fee declared a tax and any money paid so far returned to visitors.

Arizona Department of Corrections Director Charles Ryan denied allegations that the fee actually is a tax on vulnerable groups and unconstitutional, according to court documents.

Visitors to Arizona prisons hit with $25 fees

Google Aims to Own Your Online ID

They keep trying, and will keep trying, until they've won. Unless we continue to protest and get creative with our anarchy.
Google Aims to Own Your Online ID

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Update:Music fest brought to a halt | After a night of partying, most attendees heed the message and file out from the remote Blachly site

An update on the Blachy music festival I posted about yesterday. I commented in the first post that the granting of a restraining order seemed illegal, and the reasons why had little to do with permits and concern for public safety but quite a lot to do with control.

The following also seems illegal; as cars left the private property where the music festival was held, police harassed drivers and passengers:

Deputies stopped cars as they exited, making sure passengers were wearing seat belts and drivers were licensed and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Deputies also issued what they said were “numerous” citations for a range of crimes and violations to departing festivalgoers.
Sheriff’s Sgt. Jon Campbell oversaw the exodus, which he said began midmorning and involved a “steady stream of cars for the last several hours.”
“For the most part, they’ve gotten the message,” Campbell said about the dispersing attendees.
What "message" is that?
It seems like searching without probable cause: "...making sure passengers were wearing seat belts and drivers were licensed and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol."
Music fest brought to a halt | After a night of partying, most attendees heed the message and file out from the remote Blachly site

On Brane Space: It's Past Time to Ditch the "9/11" Meme!

A brave and excellent post from Brane Space: Brane Space: It's Past Time to Ditch the "9/11" Meme!
The post starts off with this eerily apt quote -- and it's not really so shocking who said it, given the Orwellian events in the U.S. since 9/11:
"Why of course the people don’t want war...But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship ... Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they’re being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.” - Hermann Goering, Nuremberg, 1946
Blogger is behaving very strangely today! I can't access half my blogs, it keeps getting me into a weird loop of "we don't know who you are" (I've only been blogging for what, years?) and it won't let me post a comment at other blogs, like Brane Space, which gives me a "you don't have permission to view this page" --

This is what I commented at Brane Space but don't think it went through:
A brave post, given the very meme you discuss (the quasi-religious/political aura) -- I've linked to your post.

It's pandering and manipulation as well as distraction and hypocrisy while the responders (9/11) and the troops (the aftermath of wars, that, 10 years later, we are still waging) are swept aside, their mental,physical and financial health issues ignored. Not to mention the hundreds of unanswered questions surrounding the events of that day.

In Rick Perry's Texas, Firefighters Forced To Pay For Gear, Engine Fuel

In Rick Perry's Texas, Firefighters Forced To Pay For Gear, Engine Fuel:

In Texas, firefighters aren't just battling the wild fires raging around Austin and Houston. The state's first responders have also had to deal with budget cuts affecting everything from fuel purchases to hoses and air tanks.

In some cases, fire officials say, firefighters have had to pay out of pocket for basic necessities like proper protective gear and fuel to get them to the scene. One fire department that battled the blazes in Bastrop County had to pay for a hose, recalledBastrop City Fire Chief Henry Perry, speaking to The Huffington Post during a break from working the wild fires.

Earlier this week, HuffPost reported that Gov. Rick Perry, the GOP front-runner for president, had signed off on millions in firefighting cuts as part of the state's most recent budget legislation. The Texas Forest Service's funding has gone from $117.7 million in the 2010-2011 budget years to $83 million in the 2012-2013 budget years.

Severe cuts have also hit assistance grants.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Roads to festival blocked | Officials say the lack of permits makes the festival a risk for public health, safety and fire danger

The small town of Blachy here in Oregon (not far from where I live in Eugene) has put on a music festival on private land for the last eleven years. This year the festival continues, sort of.

A judge granted an injunction against the festival and issued a restraining order against the festival coordinators. The reason for this injunction is because (supposedly) the festival planners don't have the permits. Roads are blocked prohibiting access to the property, which seems highly illegal. Adding to the confusion is the fact that the festival is allowed to continue -- those already on the land to attend the festival are being left alone. But if the festival is illegal due to lack of permits, why not go in there and cite the festival facilitators and or land owner under the permit laws -- why block roads?

County officials said organizers of the “Where Life Begins 2011” electronic music festival failed to obtain permits for an event that started Friday, placing attendees projected in the thousands and the general public at risk for public health, safety and fire dangers.
Roadblocks to the site went up about 7:30 p.m. Friday at Swamp Creek, Jay and Rust roads, despite passionate arguments from the event organizer, Russell Gorman of Portland, and the property owner, Brian Hamilton, that the 11-year-old festival is safe.
Capt. Bill Thompson of the Lane County Sheriff’s Office said deputies would be stationed at the roadblocks throughout the night to ensure that no more cars got into the festival. However, law enforcement agencies were reluctant to remove people and musicians who already had reached the grounds. Therefore, barring changing circumstances, Thompson said the festival itself would not be broken up.
Public safety is a concern, hence the issuing of the restraining order and go ahead to block the roads, yet the festival is allowed to continue anyway, even though the festival is a supposed hazard. The article goes on to say that the festival planners, land owner and those in attendance could be later charged with contempt.

I suspect there's more to this than concern for public safety. Sheriffs and other authorities cite several reasons for not wanting the event held: fire safety concerns, access for emergency vehicles, drinking water, sanitation, etc. But it seems odd that these factors are a concern after eleven years. The event is described by one of the event organizers:
“I would describe this event as a bunch of creative musicians connecting through their art form,” said Chet Wilson, one the event’s organizers and a Portland resident. “This is a nationally recognized event ... and a peaceful gathering of people. (Electronic dance music) started out in Europe, but it’s gaining power here. This is a movement like a new-age Woodstock.”
Some residents don't mind, after all, this is an area of "old hippies" as one person describes himself int he article. Others disagree with peace love and happiness:
I’m going to be nervous in my home for three days, scared of people wandering up to my house ... The kids don’t go down there to drink tea.”

And that last quote is the one the local paper pulled for it's headline:
The kids don’t go down there to drink tea.”— JOHN COYNE, A RESIDENT WHO LIVES NEAR FESTIVAL SITE
Which tells us everything we need to know about the agendas behind blocking the festival.

Roads to festival blocked | Officials say the lack of permits makes the festival a risk for public health, safety and fire danger

FDA Says You Have No Fundamental Right to Grow or Eat Healthy Food, It’s a Privilege | Before It's News

FDA Says You Have No Fundamental Right to Grow or Eat Healthy Food, It’s a Privilege | Before It's News

That is correct. The FDA has indeed said such a thing. I'll quote from the article here:

FDA: “Plaintiffs’ assertion of a ‘fundamental right to their own bodily and physical health, which includes what foods they do and do not choose to consume for themselves and their families,’ is similarly unavailing because plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to obtain any food they wish.”

Kevin Hayden, Before It's News: I’m gonna say something real crazy here: if the above statements released by the FDA don’t freak you out, you’re clueless and a big part of the problem. The fact that they can state that all Americans don’t have a “fundamental right to their own bodily and physical health, which includes what foods they do and do not choose to consume for themselves and their families” is downright dictatorial. If the Constitution doesn’t protect us with respect to what we choose to eat or not eat, it’s a useless document…

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Female Blogger Threatened With Defamation Suit For Writing About TSA 'Rape'

TSA agent wants to sue Amy Alkon, victim of a pat-down for blogging about her experience. Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano, who continues the propaganda by marginalising those who call TSA, Homeland Security and "Big Sis" herself (as Matt Drudge refers to Napolitano) by dismissing those who call these entities Orwellian or Big Brother fascism:
“We want to be conscious of civil liberties and civil rights protections—and we are,”
Clearly demonstrating the belief that saying something is so, makes it so...

Fortunately Alkon has a lawyer -- Marc Randazza-- who says this is a free speech issue, which it is of course.
Female Blogger Threatened With Defamation Suit For Writing About TSA 'Rape' - Forbes

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

James Fox: Pretty Slick | A documentary feature on the year of the BP Oil Spill

James Fox was one of the first researchers/documentarians to go directly to the Gulf during the spill (I shouldn't say "during" since it's still happening) and document what's going on. A brave thing to do, what James Fox did, and is doing...

He now has a web site devoted to the BP Spill: Pretty Slick | A documentary feature on the year of the BP Oil Spill

Sunday, September 4, 2011

American Paradox

“It is a peculiarity of the development of American fascism that at the present stage it comes forward principally in the guise of an opposition to fascism, which it accuses of being an “un-American” trend imported from abroad.” – Georgi Dimitrov, in his report delivered at the Seventh World Congress of the Communist International in 1935.
Source: Technoccult

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quartzsite, AZ: It Continues...

A reminder that the bizarre and illegal events are still happening in the small town of Quartzsite, Arizona. Mayor Foster, who exposed the illegal activities of the city council and other city employees (and was vindicated by a state investigation) was nevertheless voted out of office. That's for starters. Visit this blog out of Quartzsite for updates on that town's surreal disregard for the law: Quartzsite, AZ

Soldiers 'should run schools in crackdown on indiscipline' - Telegraph

Another story concerning schools and the government's agenda for students and future citizens drones: from the UK:Soldiers should run schools in crackdown on indiscipline.

Lord Guthrie said a generation of schools modelled on the Armed Forces was needed to create a culture of respect among children from the “toughest and roughest backgrounds”.
He insisted that too many schools were currently failing to address serious behavioural problems.
Plans are already being drawn up to open a state secondary school in Manchester staffed by ex-members of the Army, Navy and RAF.
List of links to related articles embedded in the piece are telling, and chilling; be sure to check them out when reading the article. Here are the titles of those articles:

  • Soldiers drafted into schools in discipline crackdown 28 Feb 2011
  • Ex-soldiers 'could tame rough schools' 15 Feb 2008
  • Cadet forces to be expanded in state schools 27 Feb 2011
  • Armed Forces personnel to go into schools, Conservatives pledge 28 Sep 2008
  • Gove to remove curriculum 'straitjacket' 24 Nov 2010
  • Teachers reject armed forces 'propaganda' 25 Mar 2008

Plans are being made, with the goal of ensuring students have "respect for others and the ability to listen, learn and adapt." And be taught by military personnel.

The staged events in UK schools (and elsewhere, including the U.S.) all involve the expectation of unquestioning acceptance of authority -- and not parental authority, but educators and police. They involve scare tactics, violence, and the induction of fear.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Time Shifts and Radio Signals

Radio World: Nationwide EAS Test to Last About 3 Minutes

FEMA, et al will conduct a test on November 9th  that will be three minutes long. May not seem such a big deal but three minutes in air time world is a very long time. I can't help but think, when I read articles like this and the upcoming year long national grid testing, the secretive testing in the south east United States, that two things are going on: one, we're not being told half of what is really going on with these tests, which leads to my second conclusion: they are getting ready for something big that we will be both witness to, as well as subject to its aftermath.

The FCC says that during the test, FEMA will originate a “live” Emergency Action Notification code to all EAS participants, including radio and TV stations, cable systems, Sirius XM, satellite TV providers and wireline video service providers. As part of the test, the public will be told the EAS has been activated for a national emergency, along with an audible notice that “this is a test.”
The commission and FEMA, along with stations and cable providers, are working on outreach efforts to inform the public to avoid panic about the test.
There’s also been a lot of debate within engineering circles about how the test will conclude.