Friday, August 19, 2011

TSA Propaganda and Eugene Airport

Another "it can't happen here" moment (see previous post): Eugene's only airport is getting 2 scanners in November, just in time for the holiday travelers:Airport to get new scanners | The once-controversial advanced imaging technology machines will be installed in Eugene in November

The sub-headline to this refers to the scanners as:
The once-controversial advanced imaging technology machines will be installed in Eugene in November[italics mine]
But later in the article the scanners are called "controversial." The scanners will "supplement" airport security. The scanners are new and improved, insist Oregon's TSA Michael Irwin. After all, the new scanners "only" reveal
"generic outlines of passengers’ bodies, or stick figures, instead of revealing, X-raylike images of them."
A feel good piece of propaganda all the way, the article points out that not only will the scanners aid in security, but provide jobs in this depressed area (what area isn't depressed these days?):
The installation of the new devices in Eugene will provide a modest but much-needed boost for the local job market.

TSA expects to hire 10 to 15 part-time workers over the coming months to add to its current staff of 70 part- and full-time employees at the Eugene Airport, Irwin said. The hiring drive is necessary because the new imaging technology requires larger staffs to run.

The article continues to list the many benefits of this: wages, benefits, hours in a shift, and so on, with a notice of place and time for "TSA JOBS" in the area, which will, according to Irwin, "dispel" the bad reputation of the TSA:
Irwin said the goal of the forum is to help prospective candidates navigate the hiring and training process, which usually takes three months to complete and “can be a little bit intimidating.” He added that he will emphasize the critical public service role TSA employees play and “dispel some of the myths about employment at TSA.”

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