Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Attack on Small Farms, and Control

Thank you to Tessa Dick for posting this at her blog:Tessa Dick Presents: It's a Philip K. Dick World!: Another attack on small family farms.

Very scary, to my mind, because this is one more example of nothing other than control. Seemingly unconnected events happening in this country in recent months are very connected. Try it: grab a handful of incidents, new regulations and suggested rules, and you will see they all share the need for control. They don't want you on your own land, not if it's out of the way (as with the illegal land grabs of rural proprieties in California and elsewhere), or stocking up on supplies (the FBI notifying businesses of "suspicious" activity of consumers buying freeze dried food, etc.) They want to track you at all times; therefore, you are "suspicious" if you pay with cash. They want to let us know they can turn off, and monitor, our communications at any time: the "kill" switch, the recent BART shut down of cell phones (had nothing to do with public safety), smart meters, and the glib announcement the power grid will screw up the nation's time keeping.

It's about control.

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