Friday, July 8, 2011

Yeah, But . . . "Secret agents raid Apple store webcam 'artist'"

Note that the word artist is in quotes, which serves to trivialize Kyle McDonald's character, his profession, and the idea of artist. But, moving on. I've read this short article, I've come across brief items elsewhere on this story, and I still am not clear on exactly what it is McDonald's supposedly done wrong, or why the US Secret Service is so interested. BBC News - Secret agents raid Apple store webcam If McDonald got permission (though, seemingly,it does seem lax that he simply relied on the okay of a store security guard; it'd seem to me he'd also get permission from the store manager for his project) that there hasn't been a crime. I must be missing something here, or, they're not telling why they're so interested. All that's been offered so far is that the Secret Service is investigating "fraud":
A spokesperson told the BBC that the investigation was taking place under US Code Title 18 /1030 which relates to "Fraud and related activity in connection with computers."

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