Monday, July 11, 2011

'State of emergency' in 'Nazi'-cop town?

Things are getting scarier in the small town of Quartzsite in Arizona. Recently, a video went viral showing the police arresting and hauling off a citizen who was speaking at a city council meeting. Jennifer Jones had the floor; the mayor told the cops to "stand down" and that Jones had the floor, but they ignored him, choosing instead to follow the fascist commands of a city councilor who didn't like what she had to say. Ms. Jones had the right to say it, and she wasn't breaking any laws. That didn't matter. The police took Jennifer away, as her fellow citizens remained seated, looking on. I did a brief search on Quartzsite, AZ, and found that there is a history of hassling residents by the police, including Jones as well as her husband.

Now, the town is wondering what's behind a closed door meeting called by the police:
About noon today, the town council, at the request of the police chief, declared an official state of emergency," Jones said online. "Please help!"
The Arizona Republic reported the emergency meeting was held "to beef up security after receiving death threats."


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