Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paranoid Thought for the Day: Police Behaving Badly

Almost every day, we get a news item about police behaving badly -- very badly, and sometimes, their behavior escalates to committing murder. Videos and recordings of police reacting with pathological violence towards "suspects" can be found all over the web. Sometimes the suspects are drunk or have a weapon but it seems that most of the time, the "suspects" are not armed, not intoxicated, and the degree of violent over the top behavior by police to a routine situation is severely out of proportion. Many of these stories are tragic; the recent beating to death of an unarmed, homeless, mentally ill man by several cops, for example.

These episodes are being discussed on various forums, as they should be. Several sites and blogs are up that expose these cases. It's an us vs. them (us being, us, and them, the cops and state) mentality. We need to know our rights, and be prepared. It's assumed, and rightly, that many cops are power crazed, defensive, and psychotic. But why?

We've always had bad cops. That's not news. But since 9/11, it's gotten worse. A whole lot, very much, worse. And I think there is literally something in the water.

Crazy town councils have been passing laws and behaving very badly as well. Illegal, intrusive, and controlling, all over the U.S. we've seen examples of usually small town city councils going nuts. Quartzsite, Arizona is an obvious example.

I think there's a connection. I think "they" -- the Social Engineering Dr. Evils -- (I refuse to become all Rense/Makow/Icke like and say "Illuminati") are aiding in the orchestration of these illegal, thuggish, psychotic acts by police and local politicians. Some pheromone they're putting in the metal of cop badges, who the hell knows. A paranoid theory, of course. But nothing surprises me these days. It seems the last two years or so, things have just gotten extremely weird on every level, from the local to the cosmic. And I think those in power know this as well, and are happy to help it along.

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