Monday, July 4, 2011


At Doc 40, thoughts on the media's -- as well as the rest of us -- gnat sized attention span regarding Fukushima. This "...deafening lack of extended interest..." as Doc 40 writes, is something I've, and I know many of us, are aware of. The good news, as pointed out in his post, is that there does seem to be concerns about right-at-this-very-moment issues in the U.S. regarding disasters and the potential effects on our own nuclear sites: Doc 40: SHORT ATTENTION SPAN APOCALYPSE

Back to the point about raised by Doc 40 about the media's lack of focus on Japan; this lack of attention and general distracted state is why I think if aliens ever were to land right out in the open somewhere, whether it's the White House or some other countries' power place, within a year we'd be back to business as usual. "Aliens," we'd say. "What aliens? Oh yeah, them. I remember...whatever happened with that?"

That is, if they haven't eaten us for lunch...

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