Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Facebook Blocks Quartzsite, AZ Link

I've tried to post a link to this article on Facebook; each time, FB rejects the post, and up pops a message that the post is "spam," has been "blocked," and contains information that has been "flagged" for "abusive content." I tried posting it many ways; from blogger, from the article's site, directly on FB, etc.
“At about noon today, the town council, at the request of the police chief, declared an official state of emergency. Sgt Xavier Frausto was dressed in tactical gear when he and the police chief demanded the mayor get in their car,” wrote Jones.
That’s right, according to this report, police in tactical gear ordered a sitting mayor to a potentially illegal secret meeting.- World Net Daily
The Mayor instead drove himself to the meeting which he himself later called illegal.

Here's the story, reported by World Net Daily. I posted a link earlier today but this is an update with more info. It seems the police chief in Quartzsite, Arizona, tried to forcefully take the mayor to a state of emergency meeting; he refused to get in the cop car and went on his own. 

Jennifer Jones reports on this at her blog The Desert Freedom Press.  She was the woman arrested in June as she had the floor at a town meeting; a city councilman took offense and ordered her arrested, even though that was clearly illegal, and the mayor, who has the authority, tried to stop it. Police chose to ignore his orders however.

Jones has a link on her blog post to a Washington Post article about the events in Quartzsite,which I urge you to read.

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