Saturday, May 28, 2011

Trying Not to Sound Like a Wild-Eyed Conspiracy Freak

As they say, "good luck with that." Chatting with a neighbor today about his experiences with roofers and his new roof (we're getting ready to re-do ours) the subject of collecting rainwater came up. Jim commented it's illegal to do so in some places, like Colorado, our neighbor was quite surprised, and asked, naturally enough, "Why?" I casually and humorously said "Do you want the conspiracy answer or the short answer?" but I could tell, even though I was calm, cool, collected, and keeping it very light, he thought I was nuts. Because it's all about control, which sounds simple enough, but follow the tendrils of this octopus and one discovers how insidious it is. Yes, sure, control of money, greed, power and water companies raking in what they can, as I told our neighbor, and he acknowledged that made sense. But it was the rest of it that got away and caused him to subconsciously give me that glassy eyed look I get whenever these things come up.

Control. Extending that idea; control of us. Reminders from "them" -- the government, the utility companies, Big Pharma and GM, Dr. Evils and so on -- "them" reminding us they can tell us to do whatever they want us to do, and that we, the hoi polloi, the peasants, are not in control of our own lives. We don't get a say in our health, the foods we eat, what we choose to buy or grow.

If we want to collect rainwater for whatever reasons: avoid fluoride and lithium and who knows what, etc. that's not our right to do so. That's what it's about.

But all that sounds like crazy conspiracy speak. It's a reminder that, while living in one world: the alternative universe of fringe Fortean fun and goodness, the real/mundane world mostly doesn't give a damn.

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