Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spinach Pigs

For healthier pork for us to consume: spinach enhanced pigs. 

Japanese scientists have put spinach "genetic material" into pigs. The purpose is to provide the consumer with "healthier pork."
"It is confirmed for the first time in the world that a plant gene is functioning properly in a living mammal, not in a cultured cell," said Professor Iritani.
Professor Iritani "hopes" this will be safe:
Professor Iritani said he hoped to prove the genetically modified pork was safe to eat.
"I know genetically modified food has met poor public acceptance, but I hope safety tests will be conducted to make people feel like eating [the GM pork] for the sake of their health," he said.
As with all stories concerning cloning or genetically tweaked animals in the name of  bigger and more, the animals themselves suffer:
Professor Iritani said only about 1% of GM piglets survived after being born, although breeding among GM pigs would ensure the spinach gene was passed on.

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