Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another School Drill: Shots Fired

I've been commenting on these stories of staged events in schools for a few years now. There's an specific agenda afoot to indoctrinate children in schools, both here and in the UK. Often, these drills include staged UFO events: crashes or landings. Other times, students are victims of fake attacks of violence; shooters or some other violent incident. Local police happily participate in these fake attacks, landings, etc. giving an added sense of reality to these scenes. Here's another one: Suburban Chicago School Concept of “Safety Drill”

In all of these staged events, whether the theme is UFOs, accidents, murder victims or shooters, the elements are the same:

  • Students are not informed drills are drills or fake events
  • Parents are not notified before hand 
  • Often, not all school staff are aware of fake scene
  • Local police participate, acting out roles of investigating officers, taking witness reports, etc.
  • All these staged incidents have to do with the unexpected, and the violent
  • Justification given by educators is that these drills (paraphrasing) "foster critical thinking skills," "encourage creativity" and so on

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