Sunday, April 24, 2011

Two Recent Die-offs off California Coast

Another U.S. Pacific coast die-off: sharks in S.F. Bay:

Sharks are dying in San Francisco Bay, with volunteers having rescued and removed about a dozen dead and dying leopard sharks in small waterways in Redwood City over the past few days in what is rapidly becoming a common occurrence, an expert said.

Redwood City resident Catherine Greer and her 13-year-old son, Lorenzo, were the first to discover the dying sharks at a lagoon near Redwood Shores off Radio Road earlier this week.

Greer, an avid fisher, said what she saw upset her. "It looked like they were trying to beach themselves," she said.

Sharks dying in San Francisco Bay; cause yet to be determined | Bay City News | Local | San Francisco Examiner

More shark related news: Oregon considers a ban on the sale of shark fins for shark fin soup.

Just about one week ago there was a die-off of mainly sardines and anchovies in Ventura Harbor, California.

Effects of Japan's earthquakes, radiation, B.P., other earthquakes in the rim, ... the animals are still signaling, still symbolizing sacrifice...

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